>Thanks for stopping by my new blog. Although this blog is based on my experiences as a black mother it is not only for women of color. It’s for ALL mothers.

I’m just telling the story through my eyes. I created this blog because I wanted to share some things I’ve learned and what I’m still learning as an African American wife and mother of two.
I am passionate about parenting, mothering, pregnancy and birth and the list goes on and on.
So pull up a chair…. grab some Caribou or Starbucks and hang out with us.


One thought on “>Welcome!

  1. >I’m following you here, and over there =)I can relate to you, about wanting to document your experiences as a ‘black mother’. Im a hispanic mom, Dominican to be exact, and I find that I have so many unique experiences because of that. I have my own mothers voice in my head, amongst so many other voices up in there, suggesting how I should do things. Advice and suggestions vary from culture, to race, to community, it’s amazing. And although the mother community is one, the little niches are so diverse, and it just makes this whole networking thing so much more enjoyable.

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