>One of the Good Guys

>I’m talking abot my husband. I love him! He’s so amazing to me and our girls. Most of the time we are on the same page and if not we try to at least be in the same chapter.

I am so thanful he is mine and he is my husband and father to my children. He plays with them all the time. So much that that’s what they think daddy is here for, to play non stop and he usually does.
He even plays with the other neighborhood kids. When the kids see him outside they all come running. The older boys respect him and make a point to come by our house and say hello. He plays football with them, wrestling, going for walks. Like I said he’s amazing. I think I’ll tell him that more often.

One thought on “>One of the Good Guys

  1. >hi darcel,thank you so much for your sweet message! your husband seems to be a sweetheart! having 2 daughters will make him a special kind of daddy! there is nothing like a daddy’s girl daddy! enjoy them and the time because it is over in a heartbeat! stop by anytime!hugs,shelley

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