>Poop on the floor

>The title says it all. Everyone is lounging around enjoying Monday, even though it felt like Sunday.

Ava had already used her potty twice. It’s right down here by the bathroom so she usually goes whenever Nakiah does. Just like girls, they always have to use the potty together.
Charles and I are sitting on the couch, Nakiah is at the computer and I don’t see Ava. I peek over the back of the couch and see her hunched over walking towards Nakiah. I’m thinking”she pooped, where is it” I could tell by the way she was walking.
There it is, poop on the floor. Charles turnes around and says “that’s a man size poop”
We cleaned it up and reminded Ava that her poop goes in the potty like her pee does. 
Nakiah was not like this at all. I’m dealing with a totally different personality and Ava does and says things that we shake our heads at(pooping and peeing on the floor)
Charles says all the time that Ava has been here before. He’s so serious too!
Stay tuned, it’s just getting good. There is no telling what will go on here tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “>Poop on the floor

  1. >It sounds kind of gross, but keeping a potty where the family was gathered saved my sanity with a couple of my kids. They didn’t want to leave the action for even a minute to go alone to the bathroom. Not that they could express that in words or think to ask for company. That came MUCH later. 🙂 We travelled with a potty in the back of the van for years, too, because they hated public toliets (especially the scary scary self flushers) so much that they’d just hold it until they couldn’t anymore.

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