>Girl Power! (Marriage Monday)


I look forward to t his post every week. Sorry it’s a day late.
Marriage Monday is something I started when I started this blog. Every Monday I post about marriage. Now I’ve been married 5 years. I know that’s not a long time, but I feel I’ve learned quite a lot in these 5 years.
I like to share what I have learned and what I’m learning now.
Women do you know how much power you have? As women we can make or break our men.
Our words and actions carry more then you may realize.
So on top of everything else we do we also must be careful with our husbands. I know they are men and they should be tough. I’m learning that they are not as tough as they always put on.
Our words have the power to build our husband up or tear him down. Yes it really is that simple.
I remember our 1st year of marriage. Oh it was crazy. I am amazed we survived. We didn’t live with each other before hand either.
We both have said some things that we shouldn’t have, but we’ve also grown.
I watch women who are really behind their husbands. They will have their back no matter what. They don’t stand in front of him to get the glory and they don’t hide behind him either like a scared woman. They stand beside him, always. He never has to look around to find his wife, he knows where she is and where she will always be. He feels safe with her. he loves her and does his very best to provide for her.
What man wants to always have to look around for his wife because he never knows where to find her. She’s always out with her friends, sisters, cousins. She doesn’t respect him, always puts him down and uses sex as a weapon.
I know it’s hard to keep everything together with the way the world is now. I’m not saying women shouldn’t work, or have her own opinion. Just remember the power you hold. We have the power to make his day go better with a simple “I love you, I appreciate the way you take care of us”
I know it seems like a womans work is never done. We cook, clean, nurture and the list goes on and on. I used to wonder why should I have to baby my husband and remind him of this or that as well. He’s a grown man he should be able to remember himself.
I would say that to him when he would ask me for help. I wouldn’t even help my own husband!
I am glad to say that I have learned to be his helpmeet and I have learned the power of my words. We used to have communication problems. It’s not perfect but it’s way better now then ever before.
I see my husband for who he is. When he is down and he talks to me I really listen this now. My words don’t cut like a knife anymore. I don’t speak to him or treat him like a baby either. I treat him and speak to him the same way i would like to be treated.
I had to let go of a lot of things to get to the place I’m at now.
He doesn’t do things the way i would and that’s ok. They get done and I appreciate the help.
He knows where to find me when he needs me. I am always beside him. I support him. I give my opinion and we talk. I finally have the marriage I have been after for so long because I finally realized the power I have.

4 thoughts on “>Girl Power! (Marriage Monday)

  1. >This is dead on. We are also rounding out with 5 years behind us this month. I didn't know how really helpless men can be without a woman there to guide them. (The yogurt is on the top shelf behind the watermelon. What do you mean you can't see it?!?) We both try desperately to be on the same page as often as we can on the things that are important to us (spirituality, the kids, finances) We don't hide from each other. We live for the success of each other. Loved this post. Gives me clarity as to my responsibilities. My best, Lynn

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