>Terrific Tuesday


That was taken yesterday. Nakiah has been cracking me up. They were watching TV when I took this picture. As soon as Nakiah saw the camera she struck that pose.
I have been doing a lot of soul searching as far as my parenting skills are concerned.I came to the conclusion that they need improvment.
I had posted about my 2yr old crying and 4 yr old whining on one of my unschooling yahoo groups.
The responses I got back were very helpful to me. This is another reason I love unschooling. It’s a way of life and my mind is always being opened to new possibilities.
I’ll talk more about unschooling and what it is and what it looks like in our house in an upcoming post.
The past few days I’ve been working on how I react to each indivdual interaction I have with my girls throughout the day. I’ve changed my wording and way of thinking. Instead of saying they are always whining and crying, I think they need something from me, I have stopped taking it personally and things have been better.
As they get older I have let myself slip on anticipating their needs. I guess I was thinking they talk now so they should be able to tell me what they want.
It’s been a really nice day and I’m looking forward to each day again instead of counting the hours to bedtime.
I had also posted about how Ava wanting to nurse constantly was driving me nuts lately. I didn’t want to wean because I still enjoy our nursing relationship overall.
I’m learning more and more from my own experiences from breastfeeding a toddler.
It felt good to find ot that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way. You know how our minds work, we start feeling guilty and like bad mothers.
Since changing my attitude  these past few days things are getting better. Someone suggested I ask her before she asks me. I’ve been doing  that  and I’ve gone back to saying yes everytime she asks.
She told me thst Ava might want to breastfeed so much because she wasn’t sure what my answer would be day to day. That is not the relationship I wanted with my daughter. I’m the mother so it’s my responsibility to change it if I don’t like it.
I’m so glad things are going well again.
I was also reminded that it’s not my childrens responsibility to meet my needs and change to suit my emotional well being.
Sometimes when things get crazy I feel like I’m losing control and I tighten my grip on the girls. Everyone in the house suffers because of it. I make my own decisions so I’ve been doing better at thinking before I act and react. I feel so peaceful again. This is nice.
What soul searching have you done this week?

2 thoughts on “>Terrific Tuesday

  1. >I have been thinking alot about my relationship with my husband and I am learning to let him "just be" without me feeling the need to coerce him into do things my way. I am learning ways to back off of him sometimes and allow him to do things they way that he sees fit. It's hard but things are flowing much easier between us since I am learning to be more easy going.Good topic.Peace

  2. >I have been thinking how can I teach my daughter to grow up to be a smart, classy, independent (but dependent when she needs to be), spiritual lady…no pressure though! :o)My best, Lynn

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