>Do you hear that?

>Silence. I woke up before everyone else. I’ve checked email, checked blogs. I’m really enjoying this quiet time. Don’t get me wrong I love the sound of my girls playing and having fun. I also love the peace and quiet of this morning. I have time to reflect, think about what we are going to do today. I hope you have time today to reflect and enjoy peace and quiet.


5 thoughts on “>Do you hear that?

  1. >Heya! Glad you had some quiet time. I crave it.I'm a semi-crunchy momma! Or maybe I could considered a "chewy granola bar". Baby wearer, cloth bum, did a stint with homeschooling, cosleeping-ish. Somethings, I'm not so crunchy about. It's all about finding your balance that works for you and also keeping your brain in tact.Look forward to reading your blog.

  2. >Just dropped in to welcome you to the SITStahood! I hear you about those stolen quiet moments in the morning. They make such a difference in your day!

  3. >Your daughters are too cute for words! This is a nice post. Every mom deserves a little peace and quiet once in a while, so good for you for enjoying your time! Stopping by from SITS and wanted to welcome you to the SITStahood. It's so nice to have you on board!Love,Taryn

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