>3 Divas


These girls love to prance around in their he-heels. That’s what my girls call them. There are some days where they do everything in their heels. They are so cute to watch. The other day they went into their dress up bin and came out with jackets over their PJ’s wigs, hats, pack backs and those famous heels. They said they were going to work, school and the grocery store. Nakiah says” I’m going to make money mommy” She is fascinated with the whole concept of working to get money to pay for things.
The mission today. Being pretty of course! It’s always more fun when a friend can join in on the he-heel fun.

5 thoughts on “>3 Divas

  1. >The head is a precious picture, but I love the three in their plastic little high heels. Oh my goodness, couldn't you just hug them all day?! Enjoy them honey because before you know it they will all be grown. My daughter is 16+ (sniff, sniff). I miss the days of dollies and fake plastic high heels! Can I borrow your divas for a day? LOL

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