>Happy Eventful Father’s Day


I would say we had a pretty awesome Father’s Day around here. My husband was very pleased. We were able to stay in bed until noon. We went to the beach with our neighbors and had a great time. The kids were so much fun to watch.
This afternoon after they picked out their clothes, I asked Ava to get Nakiah. They didn’t know we were going to the beach at that time. We kept it a secret in case it rained today.
So while I’m waiting on the girls to come back, I pull out their bag of swimsuits. 
I hear this loud ear piercing shriek. My ears were ringing. I didn’t know Ava had that in her. She comes running in the room smiling and jumping around saying “Bodysuits!” She still didn’t know where we were going, she was excited to wear her suit. Sometimes on really hot days they will wear them all day long.
Nakiah walks in the room with this cute grin on her face and her arms twisted in front of her. She’s looking like such a big girl these days.
She says “ooohhhh bodysuits” That’s when I told them we were going to the beach with our new friends.
They were so excited. They helped us pack everything we needed for the beach up and we were off.
We’re at the beach and it’s warm, the sand feels wonderful under our feet. The kids immediately start making sand castles.
We get the cooler out and lay the blankets down, put the chairs up. Everyone is having a great time.
It’s really windy and the waves are pretty big, the water is really choppy and the tide was coming in pretty far. It was a nice beach. Another spot we probably wouldn’t have found on our own. It’s a beach for th locals.
I’m surprised at how well the girls have taken to the water. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the beach, maybe that’s why. It usually takes them a while to warm up to it.
So we’re all standing down by water and just as I’m thinking we need to be careful and make sure the kids don’t go out too far, they could easily get swept away. 
I see Ava in the water, one wave and she gets knocked down. I start walking towards her, that’s when I realize she’s pretty far away from me. 
She’s up on her hands and knees and another wave sweeps her right off her feet, she’s on her back and another wave hits her, I don’t see my baby for a split second and my heart sinks. I’m running like a md woman to get to her, jumping over these waves, and thinking I’m not getting to her fast enough. We were on the coastline and I could feel the sand and water under me, it came to the middle of my calf. Ava is flat on her back, helpless. The wave hits her, and it’s not a big one, but it still splashed all over her. She was so scared, the look on my poor baby’s face. I scopped her up and ran towards our blanket with her. I feel this weight on my hand, look down and there’s my camera. It was on and now it was off and soaking wet. My dad took the batteries and the chip out. Charles came back in, he was way out with J.B. and they saw everyone running, apparently I wasn’t the only one running to get to Ava. There were 3 others.
James(charles cousin)  said I was like super woman jumping over those waves to get to her.
I felt like everything was moving in slow motion, but really fast at the same time.
She was traumatized after that. I snuggled her against me with a towel until she was ready to eat. I asked her later if she wanted to play in the sand, and she didn’t even want to do that. 
All she wanted to do was sit in her chair and eat her orange chips(cheetos)
We were both a bit shook up after that incident.
Once I realized she was going to be ok, I got upset about my camera. I took so many pictures when we first got there. I am praying it’s not ruined. If it’s ok I’ll post pics tomorrow, hopefully.
I’m just glad Ava is alright.
Nakiah had a ball. She rolled around in the waves, and her and J.J found a ocean made cliff to jump off of into the water. It wasn’t as high as it sounds, but it was really cool. They did that for a while, and then they made a hole and watched the tide fill up their hole as it came in.
They would build castles and then knock them down, run out to the water, roll around out there for a bit, come back in and dig more holes. They were just so amazing to watch. I loved it.
Once we came home, Hubs gave the girls a bath and I made dinner. We had cheese steaks and french fries. Delicious!
After dinner the girls set their beach chairs up  and watched Clifford The Big Red Dog.
Eventually little diva climbed into my lap and nursed to sleep, while diva finished the rest of Clifford. She is now sleeping in daddy’s lap. 
Seeing him with his kids melts my heart.
I almost forgot to add his Father’s Day shout outs. *Parental advisory*
We were sitting on the couch last night and I was watching him play Lost Oddessey.
The clock strikes midnight and we start talking about Father’s Day and what we’re going to do and he says
I would like to give mad shout outs to the uterus.
Shout out to my boys penis and sperm, shout out to the fallopian tubes and eggs. Without you all, Father’s Day would not be possible for me. Thank you
I fell over laughing. He is so goofy. I was already laughing after ‘mad shout outs to the uterus’
I hope you all had a great weekend! Until next time

3 thoughts on “>Happy Eventful Father’s Day

  1. >I remember being knocked down as well, but as you know, the older she gets the more fearless she'll be, so just be glad you got to comfort and console her this time. Your husband is HI-larious.."shout-out to the uterus…" that's a keeper right there, I'm going to tell my hubby that one. I really like your blog. Thanks for dropping by mine.

  2. >Aw… I hope Ava isn't traumatized for long and I'm glad she's ok. You guys sound like you had a blast. I need to know what beach you were on, cause Im looking for a tourist free beach this summer. I refuse to head to Va Beach until after tourist season… October. LOLAnd the shout outs were hilarious!!!

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