>Marriage Monday The Proposal


So how did he propose? Was it down on one knee? The ring in a glass, with all of your family and friends around. Do tell 🙂
I want to know how it all started.
We had talked about marriage before, but nothing was set in stone. So one day we’re at my parents. I’m watching TV upstairs.
Charles had been gone a while. He comes back upstairs and we’re talking. I knew he had been talking to my dad so I figured they were in deep discussion. I was right, but didn’t know it was about me!
Charles pulls out this folded up dollar bill, and says that he just asked my dad for my hand in marriage and asked me if I would marry him.
He slips it on my finger and at first I thought he was joking. He was serious, I said yes and the rest is history.
We’ve never done anything the traditional way. I like living outside the box.

6 thoughts on “>Marriage Monday The Proposal

  1. >He got my best friend to drag me off to the woods for a hike up our favorite mountain. As we were walking the trail, we rounded a corner and I said "that guy up there has hair like Jesse!" (hubs best friend) then he turned around and had a guitar around his neck and then I saw my guys back and started freaking out cause I knew what was coming. The sun was setting, he sang a great song under a gazebo, my best friend pulls champagne out of her backpack (no wonder she wouldn't let me get some water out of there) and the rest is history until 5 years and 2 kids later and we're still lovin' it to this day!My best, Lynn

  2. >I'm so glad to know that I was the only one who casually fell into this lifelong committment called marriage. I was sitting on the loveseat and Honey was on the couch and we were watching TV. He said, "If I asked you to marry me, what you say?" My response, "UH, yeah. I'd marry you." He said, "It's a done deal. We're getting married." And we started right back watching tv. Didn't even tell anyone for a month and got married a year later.

  3. >My husband was in South Carolina and I was in Chicago. We were on the phone talking. We had talked about marriage plenty of times but no date was set or anything. So out of the blue he just said, "I want you to marry me and come here and be with me. I need you."A couple weeks later he flew to Chicago and we went to the cultural center and got married with just two witnesses. It was the best day ever and definitely not your conventional proposal.

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