>Through a childs eyes

>We were making pancakes for breakfast this morning. Hubby was doing the dishes, Nakiah was sitting at the table, and I had walked back and forth across the kitchen several times. I finally stopped at the stove. Nakiah says “Mommy, your butt walks” I said what!? She said it again. I still didn’t get what she was saying. Charless pipes in and says, she’s talking about the way you switch when you walk. I was like oh… then I started lauging to myself. Nakiah gets up and demonstrates.

“See mommy, like this” as she’s moving her hips from side to side with extreme exaggeration. This made me laugh even harder. Then Charles says”well I can see how she would think that”
Ya gotta love her.

2 thoughts on “>Through a childs eyes

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