>Fabulous Friday


Random parts of the day that I thought were Fabulous.
The girls were playing in their room this morning. I hear them both giggling. A few seconds later ava comes running into my room squealing and giggling “Kiah farting on me” Then she runs back into their room for more.
Lovely girls they are going to be.
Ava walks up to me with her Barbie stuffed down her shirt “yook mommy, I’m wearing my doll”
Ava is running down the hall screaming ” 1…2…FIGHT.!” “HYUKEN”
She gets that from watching her daddy play video games.
Sitting on the couch and Nakiah walks up to me” Mommy you look like a monster.” I do?
“Yea, you look like a brown monster” And she walks off
I thought I looked rather stylish today in my dark denim stretch jeans and my red tee. I even put on a little makeup today and put my hair in pigtails. I thought I looked cute. I guess she told me.
Nakiah and Ava talking
N- Here’s your food Ava.
A- What is it?
N- Chicken and ketchup
She’s served up pieces of our blanket that sheds in her tamborine. And used a sippy cup with a red lid for ketchup.
A- I love ketchup
As she pretends to eat it.
A- Thank you Kiah.
N- Your Welcome Ava
I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and Ava climbs into my lap to read to me.
From her Rub a Dub Dub book “wash wash wash, scrub scrub scrub”
“clean fingers, clean clothes, mommy says night”
She also read :
10 little Monkeys
1, 2 Buckle My Shoe
The Wheels on the Bus
Getting ready to head out to the grovery store.
N- I’m getting candy
Me- You are?
N- Yup.
Me- Says who?
N- I do!
The girls are at the computer desk playing with their dolls.
A-Mine has nipples
N- Mine does too
A- Mine has ni-nights!
N-So does mine!
N-Mommy, our dolls have ni-nights like you!
A- Yea big ni-nights!


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