One Lovely Blog

That’s the award I received from Nanny Dee over at New England Nanny
Not only is Nanny Dee a mother and nanny, she is also going back to her school for her B.A. in Early Childhood Education.
Now it’s my turn to share the love. I have chosen 15 blogs that I think are lovely in their own unique way. That is why I love them. Stop by and show some love to these blogs. You might find a few more to follow.

Please don’t forget to also share the love by
1. Linking back to my blog.
2. Spread the love to 10-10 other blogs that you think are lovely.
3. Let the winners know you’ve chosen them.
Thank you again Nanny Dee. Happy blog reading everyone!


8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog

  1. Aww, thanks so much for thinking about me 🙂 Blog awards are truly a gift of light. It feels great to know someone appreciates what you have to offer in your little piece of the blogosphere.

  2. Darcel, thank you so much for the lovely award! It is SO appreciated! And thank you for following my blog, I'm glad you enjoy it! The most fun in years. I, too, was a SAHM to two girls and two boys — all grown and older than you, but still the joy of my life! Thank you again and I will pass it on!Have a beautiful day!Sylvia

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