>Toddlers & Tantrums


Yesterday afternoon the girls were sitting at the computer playing some games. Nakiah decided she wanted to watch a movie, so Ava has the computer all to herself. This is rare.
Our computer has been running a bit slow lately, but I didn’t realize how slow until Ava’s meltdown. She’s usually the one telling Nakiah to give it a minute and let it load up.
I was in the kitchen and I hear Ava start whining, that quickly escalates into full blown screaming and crying. I look up and see Ava sliding out of the computer chair, and onto the floor. She picks herself back p and slides her body across the computer desk. Screaming “it’s not loading up!” the entire time. I said Ava it’s been really slow, we have to give it a minute.
A few seconds later the game has loaded up and Ava looks at me with tears still in her eyes “see mommy it loaded up!”
I don’t think Nakiah looked up once from her movie. I suppose Ava’s meltdowns have become so frequent that even Nakiah can tell the difference in her cries.
I also can see why Ava was so upset. She is teaching herself how to use the mouse and she gets upset when she can’t figure out how to click correctly all the time. We aren’t allowed to help her unless she asks us. I did that once and she let me know that my help was not wanted.
Plus she had the computer all to herself. Like I said before, that is rare. She probably thought big sister would come back and want to take turns again.
She was very happy once she calmed down. She sat there rolling the ball, moving the mouse all over the screen.
Nakiah continued to watch her movie and I went back into the kitchetn to finish lunch.
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll survive raising two spirited girls.

4 thoughts on “>Toddlers & Tantrums

  1. >My newly two-year-old has been test driving this whole tantrum idea in the past few weeks. I have to say that I don't enjoy it – not one bit! Anything can set her off, and there's no reasoning/comforting her until she's worked it out … ugh! In the midst of a tantrum, I feel helpless, frustrated, and sad for her.

  2. >I wish I had suggestions on what you could to do to help Ava channel those tantrums in a more constructive way. I've been dealing a bit with tantrums with my 19 month old. When he has something and I take it way, it becomes and all out war. I try to redirect his attention very quickly to something else of interest so he'll forget I've taken something away from him. It's working so far. However, in your daughters case this solution won't apply. Together we will get through it…

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