>I want to live there.

>Nakiah says that to me at least once a day. It could be an island getaway she sees in the magazine, or a commercial. The other day we were watching The 2nd Jungle Book movie. She loves the music on it, and will usually watch it back to back. So she’s watching and she says “Mommy I want to live there” I think I understand what it is she’s saying. I remember when The Little Mermaid came out. I was about 10-12 I think. We had a pool in our backyard and that summer I would swim around in that pool pretending I was a mermaid. I would pray and beg God to turn me into a mermaid. There was something so magical about her world that I wanted to live there.

I think that’s how Nakiah feels. She sees all of these places in books, magazines, on TV and she wants to live there. She wants to experience this world it is that she sees right in front of her.
Sometimes I wish I could transport us to these places she wants to live. I would love to explore them with her!
Instead we talk about why she wants to live in these places. Sometimes it’s the house she likes, or the character, it could be because of the animals or the flowers. It’s about the princesses, and the glitter, the wands, the island and it’s beautiful blue waters. There are so many reasons she wants to live in these places. I love these conversations with her.
I love hearing about my little girls dreams.
I told her that we can build some of these places ourselves.
She would like to start with a castle. She loves to be a princess. I was thinking every so often we can put up pictures and decorate their playroom in these various places she wants to live.
I’m not the super crafty, but I get the job done. If anyone has ideas, please do share.


7 thoughts on “>I want to live there.

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  2. >I can relate to that…wanting to live in beautiful places. I don't know where you live, but fortunately most cities have little places that make you feel like you are somewhere else. The next time you take her botanical gardens, hotel lobbies, art galleries, and theme restaurants, play an imagination game of "what if we lived here." Take pictures and make a place I want to explore book! Before you know it you'll have a real castle (mcMansion from a suburb), a jungle (hotel lobby), an english garden (botanical garden), etc.

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