>Good Times


It has been crazy around my house this past week. I love it and it annoys me at times. Hubby’s gone at least 10hrs a day sometimes. It’s good because the girls and I are getting back into our routine.
I realize how much I miss him being here on his days off. I used to get upset about the girls being thrown off of their routine. We would spend his days off arguing because I wasn’t being me. HA!
Now we enjoy it as a family. There are days where I get nothing done around the house. The girls are getting older and they want me to play with them, and they also like to help me with things around the house.
I have helpers for everything, making juice in the morning, cracking the eggs for breakfast. Wiping the tables, laundry, the only thing I don’t get help with is vaccuming. Instead they are on the couch with their baby.
Right now they are in the backyard playing in the mud. They have been out there for 2 hours! Can you believe it? I check on them and they’ve come to the door once. They are making mud balls . They are having fun and I’m watching NCIS, blogging, checking email. Preparing myself for the bath that is to come once they’re done. Imagine that!


5 thoughts on “>Good Times

  1. >Great post! I remember when the babe first arrived I'd sometimes be so caught up in making sure everything around the house was done… things in order, bottles sterilized and organized, laundry put away. I felt like i owed it to our baby to have this neat space. BUT i soon realized that it was okay to let a few dishes go unwashed or to have a few clothes unfolded, so that i could spend more quality time with him… hugging/holding/kissing/cuddling/playing/tickling. And i realize now THOSE are the moments i cant ever get back, and he appreciates this so much more than his neatly folded onesies. :-)I love ure blog – AND we've got lots in common. I'm an attachment parenting mama, LOVE the color pink, just turned 30, and loving mommyhood as well.

  2. >They had to strip down at the door. I had a trash bag ready for all of the dirty items.Them playing in the mud is a regular things around here, so I have the clean up routine down, lolI just don't always enjoy it.

  3. >Your house sounds alot like mine. My hubby's days off are Tues. and Wed. It makes it so hard to get school done. So our field trip days are usually his days off and I just save the housework for when he's at work. I just let the children enjoy their Daddy since he works so much. Just wondering, are you going to carry them to the tub to save your floors? LOL

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