>My Breastfeeding Story. Part Two.


Here is Part One of my breastfeeding story.
After finding out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed at least two years this time.
We’ve made it 2yrs and 3months.
I researched and talked with other women who had breastfed for a year or longer. Mothering.com
was a great source of information for me.
So when Ava was born she didn’t want to nurse right away, and the MW(midwife) told me that was ok and she would let me know when she was ready to nurse. Sure enough about an hour later, Ava was ready.
I forgot how painful breastfeeding can be, that along with the cramping of my uterus. Ava latched well. The first 2-3 days she was on my boob every 30-45mins. I couldn’t wait for my milk to come in.
Once my milk came in she nursed every 2 hours or so. I never put her on a schedule. I breastfed on demand.
She also developed the baby acne that turned into eczema, so I cut out dairy again and she cleared up quickly.
This time I nursed whenever and wherever Ava was hungry. Food court, mall bench, car. Oh I remember not being able to make it 15-20 mins down the road those first few months. I always had to pull over and nurse her, even if I nursed her right before we left.
I would attend breastfeeding meetings down the street from our house every Wed.
They had lactation consultants from the hospital come to the family center. It was so nice to hang out for a few hours with other mam’s who were breastfeeding. Some were newborn, others 8 months old, some were a year or older.
Ava was exclusively breastfed for the first year. I didn’t introduce solids until she was 9 months old. She had homemade sweet potatoes, and she loved them, but she wanted breastmilk instead. So I didn’t push the issue. She has only had two ear infections and several colds.
When we made it to a year I was so happy and proud of myself.
After the first year I slowly started to introduce dairy back into my diet, and she handled it well. We’ve had no eczema flare ups that are food related and that’s a very good thing. We still stay clear of peanuts and we will until she is 3.
When she was sick and wouldn’t eat or drink anything, she would always nurse so I was able to keep her hydrated. It could be tiring because she would want to nurse more often, but we worked through it.
The closer she got to her 2nd birthday the more she wanted to nurse. That drove me crazy. She was nursing every 2 hrs again. I couldn’t stand it! I thought about weaning, but knew that wasn’t what I really wanted. I searched the net and talked to other women who were extended breastfeeding. What were were going through was normal for that age. I felt a little better, but honestly I was not up to nursing a 2 yr old every 2 hours.
I started offering to nurse, sometimes she would say no, but most of the time she said yes, lol.
We have made it through that rough chapter, and now I am pregnant and breastfeeding.
I had planned on child led weaning, but now I’m not so sure. I will see how long she wants to continue. I don’t see her wanting to stop anytime soon though. From everything I’ve read and what other ladies have told me, most kids will wean themselves around 4-6 months because the milk changes back to colostrum.
Ava will be turing 3 around the time the baby is due. If she doesn’t wean during the pregnancy, I’ll see how long I can tandem breastfeed.
I am so happy to have made it this far in our brestfeeding journey. Like I said before, Ava shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. I’ll continue as long as we are both comfortable.
I am simply amazed at my body. making breastmilk for 27 months straight and now growing a new life and still making milk. Amazing and beautiful!
I love that my girls have such healthy images of breastfeeding. I love it when they breastfeed their dolls. Hopefully as time goes on breastfeeding will continue to be seen in a positive light. We’ve come along way, but we still have a long way to go.
I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity with my girls. To hold them, caress them and look into their eyes while they nursed. Those are memories I’ll keep with me forever, and I hope they will.
I am looking forward to having another baby to make memories with. I feel so blessed.


5 thoughts on “>My Breastfeeding Story. Part Two.

  1. >Hey Sarah, I would love to talk more in depth about breastfeeding in a post. It's not always as easy as baby know what to do and it's magic for everyone. I'll let you know when that post goes up.

  2. >Hi Darcel! What a wonderful story! I experienced the uterine cramping you describe, but had complications with the nursing that involved severe nipple pain for me. You say in this post that you forgot how painful breastfeeding can be, and I was wondering if you could go into that in a post sometime? I'm still confused over what level of pain is normal, and what does that pain feel like. I've always been told pain is due to a bad latch, but you said she latched well…How long does the pain of nursing a newborn last before you stop feeling it etc? Maybe a post idea for new moms about to start nursing? I think more description about that would have helped me! All the books just say "pain is usually due to a bad latch, but some soreness can be expected" What does THAT mean?!? 🙂 Sarah Picking

  3. >How awesome! My older two both weaned while I was pregnant. It happened when I was about six months along each time. My youngest self weaned at 3 1/2 (and thank goodness b/c I was too through by then!).

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