>Update on my life


Hello world!
I’ve been away for so long. As you all know this pregnancy has taken alot out of me. More then I thought it would. I think that when they say “each pregnancy is different” they really mean each pregnancy gets worse. That’s what I found out a few weeks ago. All of my friends who have more kids then I do said the same thing. They felt worse with each pregnancy. One of my friends said she remembered crawling across the floor to get to the bathroom during her 5th. WOW! See, we aren’t told the truth about a lot of life. Maybe then we wouldn’t do it?
I am feeling so much better now. I’m 14 weeks, no nausea over the past several days. My energy is coming back. I’m feeling the baby move, and I’m talking full on kicks. This one love hot chocolate. Whenever I drink some he/she goes nuts in there. Not to worry, it’s 99.9 caffeine free.
The girls said to me the other day “Mommy I want that baby out” It was so cute! They insist the baby is a girl because they are girls, and they want a sister.
Charles wants a boy, always has. He loves his girls to pieces though. I would love a boy because he wants a boy, and I wouldn’t mind raising a son. I’ll be happy with whatever God chooses to bless us with.
We are also moving this Thursday. Not far, just around the corner. I’m happy about that because this way we don’t have to pack so tight. More space, and the landlord has updated the entire place. The girls loved it and our backyard is going to be twice the size of the one we have now. I’m excited for the updates, the space and I can totally see myself birthing this baby in our new home. I wasn’t really feeling it in the place we’re in now.
That’s the other thing. We are preparing for our 2nd homebirth.
I am so glad I’m feeling better, and thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.
I’m excited to get back into blogging on both of my blogs, and to visit all of yours. I have tons of catching up to do.
Have a blessed day!


11 thoughts on “>Update on my life

  1. >Good to hear from you but figured you were on the mend and pregnant and all! :o) Hang in there and soon it will be done and he or she will be here. I hated being pregnant each time. Got used to being a mother, but still couldn't stand the gestation period.My best, Lynn

  2. >You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. WOW!anywho, I was repaying you a visit cause you visited me on my FB SITS day. Glad to hear you are feeling better…didnt realize that for many people the pregnancies get worse. I can say that it's true for this one. Do we get more impatient to have ti too? Cause I'm ready!

  3. >Glad you're feeling better! Sounds like there's a lot going on in your world all at once! I hope you have a smooth move πŸ™‚ I couldn't find another way to contact u, but I've nominated u for a Kreativ Blogger award :)Take care!

  4. >Glad you're feeling better and that the girls are excited for the new arrival. Nine months must feel like an awful long wait for them! I was four when my sister was born and have been told I asked "Where's the brand new baby?" every solitary morning from the day they broke the news (way too soon if you don't like broken records!). I also thought my 2nd pregnancy was much harder, partly because it's so hard to get adequate rest when you're already a mom. Make sure you take time for you and I look forward to your updates when you can.

  5. >Wow Darcel, you have a lot going on with you! WOW! Congratulations on the latest addition to the family. I pray that you feel better and have a smooth home birth. We love homebirths!Peace Soul Sista'Love ya'

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