>Pregnancy Hormones

>Has anyone seen that sweet young lady that used to live in this body?
Ok, well I wasn’t sweet all the time, but I wasn’t this crazy, raging witch that I have been the past few days.
My dear husband got a kick out of me after he came home from work. He said I was going from nice to upset in a matter of seconds.
Here’s a snippet of our evening.

Upset- Why is the TV on the floor? Why isn’t it on the stand?

He moves the TV to the stand.

Nice- Babe guess who sent me a friend request on Facebook the other day!

He asks and I tell him, we talk about it for a few minutes, and he goes to start the bath water for the girls.

A few moments later I walk into the bathroom.

Upset- Slamming the shampoo on the counter. Lets hurry up and get this done. I’ve been doing their hair since 3pm this afternoon.

At this point he is laughing at me. I’m glad he found it funny, because I didn’t at the time.
Sometimes I feel like some strange being has taken over my body, and I am no longer in control.
I’m ready to cry over anything and everything.
I’ve been locking myself in the bathroom at times during the day so I can cry. About what you ask? I have no idea! I just feel like crying, so I go cry.

I’m hungry, then I’m not. I’m hot, then I’m cold. I’m loving and gentle, and the next minute I’m ready to kick some butt.
I want someone to say the wrong thing to me just so I can let them have it.

Was I upset about taking the girls braids out, picking, combing, and then washing the corn meal out of their hair? Yes! It seemed to take forever. This is why I don’t like to braid their hair so small. It’s cute and last for weeks, but the hours of sitting there taking the braids out, looking up and realizing you still have a ton more to go. Ugh! I wish I could snap my fingers and their hair would just be done.

About the cornmeal, the girls were playing with it. Scooping it into measuring cups, bowls, pretending it was soup. It was a fun sensory activity.
I go into the kitchen to fix something to eat, and I hear giggling. What do I come back to? Cornmeal all over the tops of their heads.
They have played with it so many times before, why did they decide to do this today?

I have 4 baskets of laundry to do. I keep putting it off. I just don’t feel like doing it. I love having hardwood floors, but I’m really tired of sweeping every.single.day.

All I really want, is to stuff my face with vanilla ice cream, and crushed up double stuf oreos.
Oh, and have a decent amount of sleep.
What’s with my stomach growling like a bear in the middle of the night? Yes, that mess is still going on.

I keep thinking I should take my friend up on her offer. She offered to fly me back home to visit.
The problem is, I don’t want to leave the girls, or Charles. I would be gone for several days. I’ve never been away from them over night. I do need a break though.
Something has to happen,because we have 4 more months to go, and mama can not continue to have these mood swings like this.

I need a Moms Night Out or something.

Is it too much to ask to have a date night with my husband! Even if all we do is sit on the couch and watch a movie together? Maybe it is…but we still deserve it.

There, my vent is done, and I feel a little better. I would feel much better if I had my ice cream.


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