>The Business of Being Born.

>If you have not been to a screening of The Business of Being Born, you must! Rent it from netflix, xboxlive, blockbuster, borrow a friends copy. This is a must see for every woman. I have always loved pregnancy and birth. Even after the  trauma I experienced with Kiah’s birth, afterwards, I still felt that birthing my baby was amazing. I couldn’t wait to do it again!
This film was put together very well. It’s hard to argue with facts.
I loved how they talked about how the use of midwives declined throughout the 1900’s, the smear campaigns, and how birth has moved into the hospitals and become a true money making business. It’s a business for the hospitals, the OB’s, and the insurance companies. That part I already knew, but to hear other professionals talking about it, that’s another thing.
Seeing this film has fired my passion for pregnancy and birth, and  becoming a midwife even more!

I’m focusing this year on my family, this new life I’m growing, and attending as many midwifery, birth, doula conferences as I can. Also, reading as many breastfeeding, pregnancy, midwifery, and birth books I can get my hands on.
Then next year I’ll be in a better place to start midwifery school.
I’ve know for years that America is in bad shape when it comes to birth, but my eyes are being opened more and more everyday.
Like I said before, my passion started to develop a couple of years ago. I didn’t read any books, I was just going on my own experience. I think that’s a pretty good experience to go by, don’t you think?
I’m just now getting around to watching videos, documentaries, and reading books.

Right now I’m reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. It is amazing! The first half of the book is filled with positive birth stories, and the second half talks about our bodies and birth.
It is past time that women take back our bodies ,and our right to birth in it’s normal, beautiful state.
I’m proud to be a part of this childbirth movement, even if it is a small part.


7 thoughts on “>The Business of Being Born.

  1. >I have never seen this movie. For me I having nothing but good things to say about both of my births. After attending our first birthing class I knew I did not want to use any invasive measures to deliver-no drugs of any kind. My OB/GYN was on board with whatever I wanted to do even down to no IV. After using a few techniques during my labor, my delivery was without a hitch. I am so glad that I have nothing but good memories as I look back on the experience. For my second delivery, I followed the same process no drugs and I also stepped up my work out regimen. My labor was flawless and my recovery very speedy. Now in both cases my deliveries were between 4-51/2 hours long. I am thankful and blessed that I was able to handle my birthing experiences both physically and mentally.

  2. >"Stopping by from SITS. I LOVE cloth diapers. Make sure to get a wetbag. Helps cut down on the smell. So does the right detergent.Have you been to Diaperswappers.com?Love that site. You can buy,trade, and sell new and used cloth diapers, among other things. Also check out your local craigslist."Thanks so much for stopping by! I have heard of diaperswappers.com, but never used it thanks for letting me know! That is a great idea. Hopefully I can decide soon which I am going to use. I am thinking about doing both!

  3. >Sounds excellent. I have had both experiences – midwife-led birth in London in public health system (nhs) and obstetrician delivery in private hospital in Australia. My mum was a midwife. I am fine with hopital births but am very supportive of midwifery. I wanted a home birth with my first but good I didn't as I had a retained placenta and lost lots of blood.

  4. >The Business of Being Born is an awesome movie! All of my girls were born via c-section. The first was "emergency" at the hospital in St. Croix. With my second we tried for a home birth and I labored for 3 days (active labor!), my midwife left the decision up to me and after that no Dr. on island would attempt a VBAC, so my last two were scheduled C's. Eventhough I cam to terms with the way my babies were born, I still get all teary when I hear that first little cry of a newborn born naturally. That movie is definitely a must see!

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