>Sleep help

>Not for me, although I’ll probably need it here in another month. We don’t have set bedtimes for the girls. I’ll wait while you compose yourself, and pick your jaw up off the floor.
The thing is, we never have had bedtime. The point at which they are ready for sleep changes as they grow, seasons change, and we set the clocks forward, or back.
We do have a routine that we have done for years. It helps them transition to sleep better no matter where we are. Not that we travel alot, and it’s not a strict routine either. That sorta sounds like what’s the point of a routine?
The girls keep us on track with it. They know exactly what’s coming next, and if we forget, or try to skip part of it, they let us know quickly.

Here’s the routine:


See, it’s very simple. I usually try to start the routine around 8pm. Charles doesn’t get home from work sometimes until about 9. They of course want to spend  time with daddy, and he wants to spend time with them.
Ava usually goes down around 10. Kiah is a night owl, and can stay up until almost 1am some nights.
Both girls are night owls, so are we.
They usually wake up around 9-10am. Oh, and Ava dropped her naps a while ago. It’s rare if she takes one anymore.

I miss these days.
PhotobucketI could get them both to sleep so easily back then.

Here’s the crazy thing. If Ava goes to sleep before 10pm, she will always wake up around 3am ready for the day!
The other night when we are ready to go to bed, and Kiah wasn’t, we all go upstairs and get in bed. We turn the TV on Noggin, and she’ll watch until she’s ready for sleep. Ava had already been asleep, and it was late, we were tired. That actually worked out nicely.
Maybe this is just a time in our life where I need to suck it up and accept their sleep schedule. It won’t be this way forever.
We’re not about forcing them to lay down, or trying to make them go to sleep when they aren’t ready.
I am wondering if maybe there is more we can do to help keep the environment calm, so that they can enter into sleep around the same time almost every night?

What are your kids sleep patterns like? How many kids do you have, do you co-sleep? What is your nightly routine?


21 thoughts on “>Sleep help

  1. >What a sweet picture!My baby is about 15 months and I usually put him down for bed around 8:00 pm and he wakes up at 8:00 am. He has about a 2-3 hour nap around 12:00. I like to go to bed early so it works really well for me, plus I love to get alone time with my husband. I am a pretty scheduled mom but I do notice when the schedule changes (due to traveling or other things) my boy has a hard time going to sleep.

  2. >I have learned the hard way with not having my 3yo on a set schedule. Yesterday was the beginning of my quest to get more organized in my daily life. My 3yo has a routine of dinner, books and sleep. Well for some reason once the binky went away she insisted on waking up in the middle of night and I would move her into our room. I allowed this to go on for over four months. In preparation for going back to work I had to bring myself into reality with having both kids on a workable schedule. For my sanity, I need a certain amount of quality alone time at night. I am hoping that transitioning her room for a preschooler will really help with maintaining a better sleep schedule. For my 9yo I have found the earlier he is in bed the better my nights are and he is well rested in the morning.

  3. >YES, YES, YES I co-sleep. I allowed my daughter to sleep in the bed with me since about 2 or 3 months old. I had a c-section and was in soo much pain that I could not resist having her close to me and the bassinet at the foot of our bed was not close enough. We bought a bed-mate where she slept in that but that didn't work. now we sleep together and she will be 2 next month. I feel that when she is ready she will just get out of the bed and go to her own. we are going to turn her crib into the toddler bed and that should make her transition easier.I do however put her to bed between 10 and 11. her dad gets in about 8 – 9 and they need daddy daughter time so that is for them but I want to get her to bed earlier but for now it's ok.

  4. >My girls never had a set bedtime for ages. Now, it's between 8 and 9. But they used to stay up until 10 or 11. But then get up early anyway. Drove me crazy!!! Then I started putting them to bed earlier and noticed that they actually slept longer. Instead of bedtime at 10 and sleeping til 8 they'd go to bed at 8 and sleep til 8! And wake up less during the night. Go figure! I started realizing why most parents put their kids to bed at 7. I didn't care too much that I was awake or asleep via their schedules, but I did care about the quality of their sleep. Making bedtimes earlier has worked really well for us.

  5. >Such a creative, out-of-the-box sleep schedule! It sounds like it works for you and that's what really matters. I love our schedule and it's been the same since our little ones were born within the range of 6-8pm. 6pm Dinner (family dinner with everyone – including grandparents as we built a home with my parents)6:30 Bath for the kids (7 and 4 year old)6:45 Pjs/teeth7:00 Story, Prayers, Snuggles7:30 G'nite kisses (the children can read or listen to music until they are sleepy – they co-sleep)We co-slept with our first until she was about 2 years old and our 2nd until he was about 18 mos – he moved into his sister's bed where they are still today.

  6. >I do get time with my husband. If we didn't have time together….we wouldn't be expecting our 3rd baby :)Just wanted to put that out there. Seems my post indicated that Hubby and I don't get time together. Not true!

  7. >I am so glad this schedule works for you. I don't think there is a right or wrong way. But I have to get mine in bed and have a little down time in the evenings! Works for us.

  8. >What a sweet picture!My baby is about 15 months and I usually put him down for bed around 8:00 pm and he wakes up at 8:00 am. He has about a 2-3 hour nap around 12:00. I like to go to bed early so it works really well for me, plus I love to get alone time with my husband. I am a pretty scheduled mom but I do notice when the schedule changes (due to traveling or other things) my boy has a hard time going to sleep.

  9. >I always said I was going to be that kind of mom, especially now while the kids are little and don't have school and stuff. But I've found my hubby and I really need that time together after the kids are in bed to unwind from the day and be grown ups for a little while. Being a parent never seems to go as planned 😛

  10. >thanks for visiting me on my sits day! Your blog is beautiful! I love the colors! I dont want to co sleep but it seems like my little one is winning that battle right now. Ill be glad when she stops waking up at 2 am!!!!! Your babies are sooo cute!

  11. >Natty – I was thinking the exact thing you said. I stay home, so it's easier for me to adapt. I also never schedule appointments in the morning.Heather – it's just after midnight, and this is my ME time. Thanks for the encouragement. I start to waffle on myself sometimes :)Se'Lah – the girls LOVE music. I do need to pick up more CD's. I'm going to want them for the birth as well.They also like the sound of talk radio.Carrie – Some days he works from 9a-9p. On those days he's gone almost 14 hours. That includes there and back.They aren't tired before he gets home. I have a pair of night owls 🙂

  12. >Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! 😀 We (as you saw) co-sleep with our twins. They go to bed (in our bed) around 6:30-7pm and are up for the day at 7am. They wake up a few times to nurse during the night, but I really don't wake up because at this point, they just latch themselves on. They still take one nap around 11:30-1pm. I would encourage you to check out the "no-cry sleep solution" book. It's very AP/co-sleeping friendly, but it stresses the importance of getting enough rest (for the whole family!). I know that my guys Need a good 12hrs of sleep at night (or they are AWFUL the next day), and as young as they are, they still really need that one nap too.It's hard juggling two babies and their different personalities, so I know what you must be going through. I think that a schedule is important though (but having a schedule that's somewhat flexible is nice too). When does Dad go to work in the AM? If you put them to bed before he came home, could he just try to spend some more quality time with them in the AM (and give you some more time with him in the evenings sans babies)?Congrats on the new peanut too! 😀

  13. >The children are small. You are right when you say it won't last forever. Sleep schedules are always changing according to changing needs. It's REALLY hard when your pregnant, and will be even harder when you have a newborn but you're doing the right thing. It's not fair to force a sleep schedule onto children just because "we" need time. I like the saying… "A wise man sleeps when he is tired and eats when he is hungry". It's so true. If we force children to do those things when they are told, they lose touch with their inner voice… I could go on and on… Hang in there mama!

  14. >Hey DarcelWell I guess that depends on the parents schedule. You as a staying home mom it ok, cause you can adapt to it. Still i guess the bedtimes is good to create as routine that they will have to have one day more probably. for example i have many troubles in sleeping before 00/1am because I never had a real bedtime and that affects my studying and working cause I end up sleeping less. I guess that the most important for them right now is to have a good night sleep and to be able to be with they're parents. Your routine is great. Sometime ago on Oprah they were making a program with a family removing all the technology and the daughter was like "what am I going to do?! read a book???!!!!" lol so congrats on your education style :DMuch Love,Ps: I still don't have kids but I so can't wait – it will come soon… heheNatty

  15. >you are a FAR stronger woman than I am, LOL. I need to have some child free time in my day (it's the only way I can get any of my own work done). All of mine are in bed by 8:45 at the latest. They get dinner, a bath, pj's, story and then lights out. The baby usually goes down by 9ish, we co sleep, but she goes to bed by herself (I usually join her around 1am). I need that time after they go to sleep to paint, draw, clean, sew, think, take a bath, breathe….

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