>27 weeks

>Time is moving along so fast lately. It feels like I just found out I was pregnant, and the pregnancy seemed to be going by so slow. Now I’m wishing time would slow down. I feel pretty good. The last trimester exhaustion is setting in bit by bit. I’m sure I would feel more rested if I went to bed before 2am. I promised myself I would start doing this week.



My midwife has a new apprentice. She was palpating my stomach and asked me if twins ran in our family. I told her they do, but ultrasound already ruled that out at 12 weeks. I had asked for the ultrasound just to see if we had one or two babies in there. I was disappointed for a while, because I just knew we were having twins.
She was trying to find the baby’s heartbeat, but the little one would not sit still. They were finally able to locate it, but not long after the baby started to swat at the fetoscope. It’s amazing how different the heartbeat sounds with the fetoscope vs. the doppler.

The baby is about 2lbs or more, and over a foot long!
I’m going with more because I have big babies. I don’t believe that my babies pack on the weight at the very end.I mean I know all babies do, but for 10lb babies I think they weigh a bit more than average at this stage. That’s just my opinion.

Baby’s eye lids should be opening about now.  He/she can also recognize my voice. Probably hubby’s and the girls, too.
Everyone loves to rub on my belly. Even Ava who told me I had to “keep that put up” She didn’t like it when I walked around, or lied down with my shirt up. Today she came up to me, pulled my shirt up and started rubbing my belly, and talking to the baby.
The other night I felt a limb, Charles got to feel it, too. It’s so fun to watch my belly jump when the baby is moving around like crazy in there.

I’m getting more Braxton Hicks contractions, and find that I actually have to stop what I’m doing until it passes.
I notice them earlier with every pregnancy. I don’t know why they call them practice contractions, because they are nothing like the real ones!

I’ve also noticed more swelling. I had to take my rings off the other day. My finger has finally plumped back out. My ankles are swelling, and I can’t wear my lace up shoes anymore.
I’ve also got to find some exercises to help stretch my inner thighs, although I don’t really think that’s the problem. Sometimes I feel like the baby is already right there, just hanging out down there for the next three months. The baby isn’t, because he/she is lying sideways at the moment. I remember feeling this with Ava. I thought I was uncomfortable before she was bigger, and head down. Once she finally engaged I had trouble walking, and could only sit on soft surfaces.
I didn’t feel that at all with Nakiah. I know it’s because the joints, muscles and ligaments are much loser after each pregnancy.I’m fine as long as I’m sitting or lying down. I’m not in pain when I stand or walk, it’s just uncomfortable.

That’s my pregnancy update. We will soon be a family of five. I am excited to meet this new little one, but I am going to try my best to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. I’ll miss all of the movement, and my big belly once the baby is out. All that a woman’s body can do is so amazing.

16 thoughts on “>27 weeks

  1. >you maybe tired but you don't look it. I don't think I ever felt the BH but if I did I was not sure what they were. I think I was too excited about finally having a baby :-).pregnancy pictures are always nice to show the little on once they get here.

  2. >Heather – Everyone tells me that after your 3rd child it gets easier 🙂 Tiffany – It's not that the practice contractions don't do anything. They help to tone the uterus. You may have them later on and not even notice them. They get to be annoying after a while.

  3. >how cute!! i know, isn't it amazing what our bodies can do?! i'm just in awe over here. i don't think i've had BH yets (and sad to know that they aren't really practice contractions – lol). and i think i have felt a limb myself. hope your exhaustion lightens up some!

  4. >I noticed earlier Braxton Hicks with each pregnancy too. I never asked anyone if that was common. I just went along for the ride. 🙂 You look beautiful! It almost makes me want another. Almost. *chuckle*

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