>Spring is here!

>I know the calendar says Spring doesn’t start until the 20th, but we’ve had gorgeous weather for several days. The birds are chirping, we have the windows open, lots of outside play.

They also found a new use for their markers.


A few mornings this week Nakiah asked me if it was warm or cold outside. She was so excited when we told her it was warm. Off to the backyard with popsicles they went.

They also made green beans. The bucket had rain water in it, so they added grass.

Riding around



We also went to the park, played in the sand, on the swings, climbed the monkey bars.

Movie selections for the week were:
Little Rascals(1994 version)
Snow White

Two mornings in a row they told me they were going to China, and would be back for lunch.

One night this week we had breakfast for dinner.

The baby got a checkup with their Dr. set. We’re doing well according to Dr. Harmon

Our night routine has gotten a makeover. Instead of books, we’ve watched documentaries on NatGeo together. I love this time with my family. We’ve watched the Earth series over the past few weeks, and I can’t wait until LIFE starts in a couple of weeks.

Some nights we watch How it’s made. Now we know how boots for firemen are made, screwdrivers, shovels, and even waffles.

 Learning through living. Life is good!


7 thoughts on “>Spring is here!

  1. >I'm a big fan of 'Life is Good'!! I love it! And, I'm with you, forget the calendars, if the windows have been open every day, the sun is shining, and we can't stand being indoors…Spring has sprung!! 🙂

  2. >We also have nights like that, we choose not to have cable but with Netflix we have nights of watching Dirty Jobs, Man vs. wild, and Modern Marvels. Great learning tools for the kids. Love the green beans idea and when they went to China and came back before lunch!!

  3. >This is the best time of their life and with a new one about to make a debut they are learning so much. They seem to have you on your toes but all that will help when the new one comes (from what I hear, the more active you are the better it is with your delivery…don't know since I didn't have that option). We have had a few great days and I have had my daughter out too, at the park, walking around our community, on the swings and slides and at the lake to watch the birds and whatever fish we could see. I'm loving spring and with a two year there is so much to see that I have forgotten was out there.

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