Co-sleeping Essay Contest.

We did not start off co-sleeping.
Our 1st daughter slept in a bassinet in our room for the first few months of her life. We said that we would NEVER co-sleep. We thought that babies should sleep in cribs in their own rooms.

I kept falling asleep sitting up with her after breastfeeding. We decided to keep her in bed with us one night, and we have never looked back. We all slept so much better.
When her sister was born 2.5 years later, we kept her in bed with us from day one.

Our children are used to being cradled in the womb for 9 months. It seems the next natural step would be co-sleeping. Our babies want and need to be close to us.
Co-sleeping helps to cement that bond with our children.

Breastfeeding was always easier for me. We didn’t have to take turns getting up to get the baby, then walking across the hall to put them back to bed.
Our first breastfed for ten months, and our second for 29 months.

Now we have a twin mattress next to our bed. Some nights the girls sleep there, and other nights one or both of them might end up in bed with us.
We love waking up to their smiling faces.
The girls are now five and almost three. We’re expecting our third this Spring.
We look forward to newborn snuggles, and having a family bed of five soon.

This post was submitted as a entry into the Co-sleeping Essay Contest.

The concept of “The Family Bed” is a hot topic. Most media “attention” that bed-sharing gets is unfriendly, based in ignorance and carries great malice. We want to combat this and need your help!  You can take
The Great Co-sleeping Survey 
The survey was started in 2008 and in a few short months over 9000 parents all over the world had joined in.

You have the opportunity to be included by producing some short “feel good” essays to head 7 of the chapters.  

These essays should be written by parents who love or have loved bed-sharing with their babies or children. The 7 prospective winners will have their story and blog name included in the book. The top essayist will win the Dr. approved bed-sharing aid, The Humanity Family Sleeper, a $200.00 value!

Rules & Guidelines
The deadline is March 23rd. It’s been extended by three days!
Essays (250 words or less) should focus on the writer’s personal experience with one of the following topics.  Bloggers are also invited to enter their own essays.  There are no international boundaries, all countries are invited to enter.  Prizes will be shipped for free (essays need to be in English).
1.    Oppression or negativity they received (Mother-in-law, parents, media, doctors, general society).
2.    How bed-sharing enriched their parenting experience.
3.    How bed-sharing helped breastfeeding (extended duration, adverse physical limitations, etc.).
4.    How they got better sleep.
5.    A Dad’s perspective, written by a Dad.
6.    How it saved their child’s life.
7.    How they intended to use a crib, and chose not to.
To submit your entry go to the Co-sleeping Essay Entry Form

Please tell them the blog that referred you was The Mahogany Way.


6 thoughts on “Co-sleeping Essay Contest.

  1. love your story! this is our 1st and we plan to co-sleep. like you said, it seemed like the next most logical step to us. plus, i'm too lazy to walk across the house just to feed him while i'm half-asleep. i'm excited about this and our AP journey!! 🙂

  2. My story is similar to yours. When my first was born nine years ago, I swore that she would sleep in her room in her crib. We didn't last one night! Breastfeeding is just easier when you co-sleep & we both slept better. My nine year old did move into her own bed in Jan after we had our third. The bed just wasn't big enough and I was worried for the baby's safety. She seems to be enjoying her own space & didn't put up a fight at all. However, I do wake up occasionally to her asleep at the foot of the bed!

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