>Thirty Three Weeks

>Time is ticking away now! I’m excited, but nervous at the same time.Also still very tired (noted in the 1st pic) but I have a reason other than the end of pregnancy. My iron is low. I’m taking Hema-Plex for a week to get my iron up.
Baby is head down, yay! I knew he/she was. Most of the movement I feel is on my left side, and baby has his/her butt  on my right side.

We got to hear the heartbeat through the fetoscope again. It’s actually more of a feeling in your ears, like a faint tapping.
The other night I had my hand on my belly, and kept feeling this rhythmic pulse on my belly. I took my pulse but it didn’t match. I had Charles take my pulse to make sure. That rhythm went on for about 30 minutes. It was so cool! You could see that one spot on my belly jumping. I wondered if it as the baby’s heartbeat. We told our Midwives about it at our appt, and the agreed that it could have very well been the baby’s heartbeat.
I say it all the time, but pregnancy is amazing.

Oh! I also got THE best fluffy mail last week. I’m going to take pics and post them soon. I can’t wait to wash the cloth diapers, and some onsies and socks for the baby.

In a couple of months we’ll have a family of five. Wow!



6 thoughts on “>Thirty Three Weeks

  1. >Oh your belly is growing 🙂 love it. Yesterday i was feeling my niece kicking my sis too, it was so sweet cause for me (outsider) it feels like a gentle touch in my hand.I can't wait to see if it is a boy or a girl ^.^ Do you have names picked already?LoveNatty

  2. >Awww your belly looks wonderful! I don't even see one stretch mark, no fair! ;o) I haven't been on here for awhile. Life. So are you waiting to find out what you're having? Does it feel like a girl or a boy? Keep up the good work on making a human… ;o)My best, Lynn

  3. >You look amazing. That is a gorgeous belly and linea nigra. We have a pediatric stethoscope that I can hear the baby's heartbeat with. It is just a rapid tapping. So cute.

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