Chai Soap, A Jewel, and Cloth Diapers.

I received the most wonderful soap I’ve ever used in my life a couple of months ago.
I’m not kidding. I had entered a giveaway at Lynn’s blog, Natural & Organic Body Care

She was hosting a giveaway for Smell Goods Spa. The Chai Soap smells sooooo good! Here is a small description from Itiel’s site.

“Relax and take in the sweet, spice aroma of cloves, cinnamon, ginger,cardamom, and blackberries.”

Everyone in my family loved it, even Charles! You can feel the deep down clean it’s giving your skin, plus it’s all natural. I noticed how moisturized our skin felt right away. We all have really dry skin, and this soap helped to keep us moisturized.

I’m going to host a giveaway in a couple of weeks for the Smell Good Spa. The giveaway will be hosted via my Fan Page. I’ll place all of the details there. I’ll probably also make a quick blurb about it here so everyone can read about it and participate.

You can check out Itiel at her Smell Good Store. and  Her Blog.

You might remember me talking about the Gift of Jewels hosted by Se’lah at the Necessary Room.
I received mine all the way from Portugal! Natty has a great craft blog. Natty Crafts. Please stop by and check her out.
When I get mail, it’s a family affair. The girls love to help me open it and see what’s inside. This time Charles wanted to open it with me, because it was another country.

Here is the card I received. Isn’t it beautiful?
I love handmade items..Photobucket


Thank you Natty!

You’ve heard me refer to my cloth diapers as fluffy mail. That’s because most of them have been shipped to me, and they are so soft, and fluffy.
This batch that I have now came from a friend here in town. She was kind enough to drop them off to us.


30 infant prefolds
26 premium prefolds
Covers ranging in size from newborn to toddler.
Mother-ease fitted diapers

The girly looking diapers I’ve had since Ava. If I didn’t have any cloth diapers before, what she gave me would be enough to get me off to a great start.
I’ll have to find the rest of mine. I have pockets, prefolds, fitteds, All- in -ones(AIO’s) and a couple of wool covers.
If this baby is a boy, I’ll swap them out for cute boy diapers.
I can’t wait to dye some of these prefolds. I dyed some of my other ones pink(of course)
This time I might try my hand at tie dye.

A fellow blogger Adiaha sent me a package of Rearz fitted cloth diapers with a cover. I love these! They are 100% cotton velour. Wouldn’t you want that against your bum if you were a baby? I believe I have the medium size diapers.

Oh I can’t wait to start using the cloth on our baby. It would be great if I knew how to sew. Then I could make my own. I have friends here who sew their own cloth diapers, maybe I can ask them to make some for me. There is also a Diaper Junction Store right up the street from me. I’m in heaven!

I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend! However you celebrate, or don’t.


7 thoughts on “Chai Soap, A Jewel, and Cloth Diapers.

  1. So nice to see *jewel* friends linking up. Your gift of jewels is perfect. So glad the entire family had fun…and, chai is just one of my favourite teas, I can't even begin to imagine the soap. love.

  2. That same family affair happens in our home! It is exciting to receive mail from across the water. I will be visiting Natty's online store. I just purchased handmade cards last week. I love them! I love cotton velour against my skin as a 36 years old. Having it on my bum as a baby would have been pure bliss. :o) 'the most wonderful soap I've ever used in my life' Nothing but big smiles here. I just told the family. Warrior Princess- "In her life! Wow!!!" Thank you for those glowing words. Itiel

  3. Hey darcel 🙂 I am glad you liked it, made with love. thanks for referencing my website too :)I love those cloth diappers, very cool. My grandma brought me today some pads today she made me I love them and I was inspired by u to use them :)Have a blessed sunday*****Natty

  4. Okay, there is NOTHING better than a good stash of cloth diapers. Just your picture makes me excited and they aren't even for me!!! Grown up mail usually sucks (bills and the like) and packages are awesome!!

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