Easter 2010

We had a pretty laid back Easter this year. Charles went out and got the girls some baskets, and gigantic bunnies.
It was way cheaper to make our own baskets. The girls don’t like chocolate anyway. He did good. As you can see, the girls enjoyed it.



We hung out with the neighbors for a bit. They kids had a Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. I have video of it, but we’re working on opening the file. Our media player won’t open it for some reason. Figures…

I didn’t have to cook either! The Hubs ordered pizza and boneless chicken wings from Pizza Hut.
Nakiah ate so much candy she said she had a stomach ache.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend with their family and friends!


5 thoughts on “Easter 2010

  1. @Kitchenwitch – It was a beautiful day. I'm so glad we're having warmer weather, finally!@Stephanie – That is a new picture of Charles. I'm jealous of how young he looks. I bet people think I'm a cougar 🙂

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