Smell Goods Contest/ Giveaway!

If you love natural soaps, or would like to try them here is your chance to win one. Itiel makes the most amazing soaps. They smell so good, and leave your skin moisturized.
Her store is Smell Goods ’98
How can you win? Enter here or on my Fan Page.
There will be two winners.
All you have to do is guess the baby’s birthday and/or weight.

You can either win the Chai Soap or the Chocolate Truffle Cacao Bar

Here are the stats of Nakiah and Ava to get you started.
I was due with Nakiah on 12/3. She was born on 12/5 I was induced with her, so take that into consideration.
Nakiah was 10lbs even.

I was due with Ava on May 7th, and she was born on May 27th. All Natural birth.
Ava was 10lbs 10oz.

This is the first time I’m announcing my due date in public, so you all should feel very special  🙂
This baby’s due date is May 15th. I’m 36 weeks now.

Keep in mind it’s always an estimated due date. I can’t wait to see what everyone guesses. This should be fun!

Also become a fan on Itiel’s page on facebook.

You have until the 26th, next Monday to enter.


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