>Checking in

>I was not feeling well yesterday. I’m not sure if we had a 24hour bug or what. I have been running around pretty much non stop this week. I think my body was telling me it’s time to stop and rest. So that’s what we did yesterday, and hopefully today.
I’m 37 weeks now.
I’m having more body aches, getting bigger, and feeling ready to meet this little one.
The girls ask me everyday “is it time for the baby to come yet?” They are going to be great big sisters.

We’ve been to several parks this week, a homeschool park playdate, the mall, Mom’s Night Out, Barnes & Noble, and all over town getting the rest of our birth supplies.
I was able to meet more great ladies from the local AP group. The girls made new friends, well mostly Nakiah. Ava played to herself most of the time.
It feels good to rest and relax at home these past two days.

I need to braid the girls hair back up. I want to keep braiding it over the next few weeks, so if the baby comes I won’t need to worry about their hair for several days.
I also think I’ll wash up the baby clothes today, and fold the three baskets of laundry that have piled up over the week.

Don’t forget to enter my contest/giveaway for guessing the baby’s birthday and weight. You have until the 26th at midnight to enter!

I’m also looking for guest posters. I don’t know how often I will blog in the weeks after the baby is born. I thought it would be nice to have a few guest post lined up for a month. You all know what I talk about here, so anything along those lines. Share personal stories, family days, outdoor adventures, birth ,breastfeeding stories, etc…
Shoot me an Email and let me know if your interested and what you would like to talk about. The post will go directly on my blog, and you can let your readers know where to find you on that certain day.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


5 thoughts on “>Checking in

  1. >Hi Darcel, I read the interview with you on Se'lah's blog and I just so loved it as I can relate to you beaing a home stayed mommy and the breastfeeding (I did breastfeed my son for 28 months and I did love it) and also the co-sleep. If only I would have know before what I know now I would never give a birth at the hospital. Sadly we did learn the hard way it was not a good choice (http://birdy-freebird.blogspot.com/2010/01/hello.html). I wish you to have a nice birth with your baby, may you both be safe and enjoy this beautiful moment when you will see him/her and hold him/her in your arms. Lots of love.

  2. >Hope you are feeling better now and how exciting for you all knowing that your new baby will be born so soon. I'm sure your girls can't wait to be big sisters! 🙂

  3. >Im glad you allowed yourself a "rest day" today. We all need that – esp. as preggers women!Haha @ paragraph #3. Sounds like some serious nesting going on over there!!!Good idea to line up guest bloggers – I remember after Chase (my first) was born….. I was on hiatus from the blog for like 3 months! I couldnt even begin to think about updating it. I hope Im better this time around – now that its more active and Im busier with PR related stuff.

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