>Happy Mother’s Day!

>Charles let me sleep in for a bit this morning. I always enjoy that. He had to work today, but before he went in he brought me breakfast in bed. How sweet was that! Ava had the juice and he carried the plate. He said Nakiah was really into her computer game at the time. She came up and hugged me later on though.

My goal today was to hang around the house and relax. I started cleaning for a few minutes and then made myself stop.
Charles seemed like he was nesting the other day. He cleaned the entire downstairs, and cut the grass in the front and back.
Back to today….

The girls played outside in the back with their bubbles and chalk. I love to watch them play.


We checked out the clouds and beautiful sky

Then they lounged with a popsicle. They look like their really living the life.

We might make sugar cookies later. I plan on taking another Epsom salt bath once Charles gets home.

I feel blessed to be the mother of these two beautiful girls, and welcome our 3rd child into the world soon.
I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day!


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