>Belly Cast & I’m 39 Weeks!

>A friend came over to do my belly cast last week.
This was done at 38 weeks.
My first belly cast! I didn’t know about them with Nakiah’s pregnancy, didn’t do it with Ava, and decided to do it with this baby. It wasn’t expensive at all. I purchased the plaster strips from Michaels Craft Store
It was $15 total. I got one small roll and one big one.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Charles and the girls think it’s pretty cool too.


After Nakiah gets her cast off we’ll add another layer or two of plaster strips to make it a bit thicker and heavier. She wanted to help so bad this time around, but she can’t get that cast wet.
I’m thinking we’ll decorate it with the baby’s foot prints, and the girls hand prints. I thought that would be nice to have their prints on it too since I didn’t do a cast with them. Not sure what color we’ll paint it, or if we’ll paint it at all. There are so many different ways we can decorate it.

 Here is my 39 week belly pic. I don’t think I look much different from last week.


I’ve been feeling crampy the majority of the day today, contractions here and there, and my back hurts.
I feel pretty confident that 40 weeks will come and go.
My babies like to bake past the estimated 40 week mark. I will be very surprised if I’m wrong!


6 thoughts on “>Belly Cast & I’m 39 Weeks!

  1. >the belly cast is a great idea and when the little one gets older it will be a good conversation piece for the family. it's almost here and I can not wait to see the new addition.

  2. >I think that will be sweet with the hand and feet prints on it. I wish I had done a belly cast when I was pregnant. Can't wait to see yours. And I think your belly looks so cute.

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