One Year of Blogging!


Today is my one year anniversary for this blog. Exciting huh?
I’m going to warn you right now that this post will be full of links to past post.

I started with a Welcome post, and started out talking about our daily lives.
Not quite sure what direction I wanted this blog to take, I started as an outlet, like many other bloggers do.
I talked about Ava peeing and pooping on the floor. This was exciting stuff people!

Sometimes I think of going back to more of those smaller daily life posts.
I like to go back and read them. They always give me a laugh.  I’m thinking of doing more of that, talking about our daily lives, short blurbs of conversation. I like where my blog is now, but I am no expert, and don’t really want my blog to turn into a research blog. Nothing wrong with those types of blogs, but it’s not me.
I think I’ve finally found my niche, and it’s not only one topic. That’s fine with me, because it’s my blog and I can talk about whatever I want!

What else have I talked about in the past year? I wrote a post touching on bits and pieces of my relationship existence with my mom.
It’s been a little over two years and I still haven’t talked to her. She sends gifts and money for the girls, talks with my dad, but I have no desire to speak with her. She will never admit to the abuse anyway, so why bother getting shot down and rejected again, right?

I’ve blogged about my journey through depression. Hoping to ward that off this time by having my placenta encapsulated. Don’t worry, I’ll blog about that later. Just know women have been doing it for years, and from others I’ve talked to and what I’ve read, it works!

Ok! Onto lighter topics….I can’t forget our babywearing journey.
Have I mentioned how excited I am to wear this baby? I’m sure I have numerous times.
I should have a wrap on it’s way to us by this weekend. I have a legacy wrap for each of the girls.
I’m sure I’ll use them with this baby during the winter as they are a bit thicker, but I plan on passing the wraps on to them to use for their children. I could go on and on about wraps and babywearing, so I’ll stop here.

There is the time Nakiah told me my butt walks.
Kids crack me up. The things that come out of their mouth.

There was the blog post about me find out I was pregnant with this baby. Seems like it was yesterday.
I remember waiting in line at the store with a pack of pads. I wasn’t going to get a pregnancy test. We had walked up to the store and I was cramping the entire time. I decided at the very last minute to get just one pregnancy test. If it was negative I didn’t want more in the house to tease myself. You all know the rest.

Can you believe I’m in the home stretch with this pregnancy? This baby can come any time.Here that baby….feel free to come any time now.
This is why I have the 42 weeks in my head from the beginning. I would go crazy like I did with Nakiah if I didn’t. It worked wonders for me with Ava when I went into 41 and then 42 weeks.

I also have a breastfeeding story part one and part two.

Since starting this blog last May, I have talked about  attachment parenting, breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth, unschooling,our daily lives, motherhood, and I’ve done giveaways.
Maybe I could do a Q and A. Where you can ask me anything you want. You could send the questions in via email, or post them right here in the comments section.

So tell me, what would you like to see more of around my blog?


19 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging!

  1. I've been blogging seriously now for about a year, too. I love looking at past posts to see where we're been. As to what you might want to blog about in the future, I especially love to hear about what other unschooling parents like to use as relaxed resources, especially with younger children. Not that all kids will like the same things, but I usually find many gems in the unschooling blogs I frequent.

  2. Sometimes when I'm reading blog posts, I search for a *like* button and then remember that I'm not on facebook. Congrats on one year of blogging! It is my goal to get to that.

  3. in my best Tony Toni Tone singing voice (don't know which Tony/Toni/Tone; you pick) but anyway "IT'S YOUR ANNIVERSARY!!!" Congratulations. Make year two better than the first. I've genuinely enjoyed visiting your blog. Keep up the good work.

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