Book Sharing Monday: Bones

Nakiah has been fascinated with bones since she broke her arm. We went to the library, and she picked out a few books on Bones. This is her favorite one.

Human Body byLinda Calabresi


The book talks about all of the organs, skin, bones, muscles, the brain, cells.
She wanted to know which bone she broke, and this picture gave us a perfect place to show her.
She broke a small bone in her elbow. Her cast should come off the first week of June.


She wanted me to show her where every bone that she pointed to in the book was on her body.
She also wanted to know about the muscles. Charles had her make a muscle with her arm to show her, she really liked that.

Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy. That is our choice for this Book Sharing Monday. If you want to participate, or see more books, please visit Alex at Serendipity Home School


3 thoughts on “Book Sharing Monday: Bones

  1. That is so cool, that a bad experience can be turned into a wonderful, educational one!This makes me remember way back to kindergarten when my teacher read a story about wolves. It was one of those stereotypical bad wolf stories with scary pictures and I hid under the table.But, I could not get it out of my little mind. So when my mother took me to the library I got a whole bunch more books on wolves, real ones that told about their lives and packs (families.)I read about how they were hunted down almost to the point of extinction and I fell in love with them as a creature and to this day they are still my favorite animal.And it all happened because a book scared me. So anyway it just made me remember how sometimes things happen for a reason and you learn something that lasts a lifetime.Just think if she grows up and becomes a doctor or something and you have this interesting story to share with her about how it was all because she broke her arm.

  2. Isn't it awesome to see how learning occurs naturally? Even something as bad as a broken arm can turn into an exciting learning adventure.

  3. Wow – i can't believe it is so long since I visited your blog! Your baby is almost here – how exciting! I loved your choice for the week. The human body is so fascinating. I hope Nakia is healing well.Blessings for a peaceful and calm birth xx

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