Birth Announcement!!!

Samuel Royce-Alexander arrived yesterday!
Born into his Daddy’s arms in the birth pool at 10:20am.
7lbs 10oz and 22inches long.
We are so excited, and I can’t believe we have a boy. He’s here and he’s mine!
His sisters are already in-love with him.

I had prodromal labor for 3 days, hardly any sleep. The labor was intense, and I was exhausted.
Active labor was only 5 hours though, so my body had done most of the work over those 3 days.
Full birth story to come in time.

Photobukcet has been acting up all day, so here is a link to my Facebook page w/pics.

30 thoughts on “Birth Announcement!!!

  1. Congratulations!! Little Samuel is so cute and already a charmer with his good looks. 🙂 Enjoy every moment with him. It's nice to hear that you finally had a son. Congratulations again. 🙂

  2. I'm soooo excited that you and the baby are ok and that he is here…what a wonderful ride we all had with him before he got here.congrats to your family

  3. I just discovered your blog this evening and what an introduction. Congratulations on your new babe. Will be following with delight and interest, thank you for all your information.

  4. Yeaaaah!!! Congratulations, I knew you were going to have a boy. Darcel, he is beautiful. I'm so glad you all are doing well. Congratulations again. What a blessing!

  5. Congratulations! He is precious. I bet the whole family is a little tuckered after your lengthy labor. Have a great few days getting to know each other, and I wish you a swift recovery.

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