>Sunday at the Zoo

>We ventured to the Zoo Sunday afternoon. It was so hot out there, but the zoo wasn’t crowded so that was nice.
We played in the water at the entrance of the zoo before visiting the animals.


The Peacocks roam free.

Posing on the giant turtle.

Checking out the goats


An Emu and WartHog

A Cow

The same Peacock got close enough for us to touch while we were eating.
Scared the girls a little.

The Giraffes and Elephants were not outside. They were indoors cooling off.
It was kind of cool to see one so close. We could look down and it seemed like his body and legs went on and on forever before they touched the ground. I think this one was 18ft.


I can’t remember the name of this guy, but we liked the way he looked.

Spinning the world before we left

We also saw Chickens, Rabbits, Meerkats, Prarie dogs, Owls.
The Lions were in their caves. The Tiger exhibit isn’t finished yet.
They had a Butterfly Garden. A Train to tour the zoo.

A relaxing Sunday with the family. The girls got to wear their swimsuits all day. Lots of running, jumping, visiting, laughing, and splashing. Life is good!


5 thoughts on “>Sunday at the Zoo

  1. >What a fun day! We wanted to go this weekend to the zoo, but we had been in Minnesota for three days and came back to a fallen tree in the front yard and a flooded basement. Needless to say, it took a while to clean up.

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