>Guest Post Friday: Love, in the sand


Recently I attended a master sand sculpting competition. Now, don’t ask me who won. If you want though, you can certainly tell me your confidential vote – I promise, I won’t tell a living soul. (wink).
It was a beautiful,  nice warm summer dusk, waves dashing carelessly upon the shore, the streets buzzing with tourists and merry onlookers, the band still trying to look like jimmy buffet in key west, and children skipping happily along…but as fate would have it, my camera decided that the flash would not engage tonight. So, we are going to do an SOOC post. Click on photos to enjoy the details.
does this female warrior remind you of anyone?
(hint: she recently went through natural childbirth again!)
go figure, the man is sitting on his … well, he’s relaxing.
A girl might like to hang out at the pool with my friends too,
you know, talking about all those things that girls talk about…
(see, i am keeping the code 😉
or sit back and listen
to the strum of guitar strings
playing her favourite song.
or maybe just curl up and relax
and daydream about …
what girls daydream about.
because sometimes,
i really feel like a fish outta water
oh so thirsty,
but I guess that’s better than being eaten alive by a hungry cat.
That actually might hurt a bit…at least the first bite.
wait a minute – something in this picture doesn’t belong.
is that a commercialised Buddha?
deep breath. see? things are always looking up
because, guess what i just found in the sand…
yes, it’s “love at first sight”.
imagine your child bringing him home?
well, mine wanted to.
~ ~ ~
*Give thanks to Darcel for inviting me over for a play date here at The Mahogany Way. I hope you have a summer full of peace, love and happy memories. one love. Se’lah.

I’m having a guest post every Friday this summer. If you would like to participate in Guest Post Friday, please email me here.


9 thoughts on “>Guest Post Friday: Love, in the sand

  1. >Stopping by from Se'Lah's to say hello. Nice to meet you.Those are some seriously fabulous sand sculptures. I've never seen anything like them before. The hungry cat really made me smile. Thanks for guest blogging. I love it!Happy weekend,jj

  2. >Thanks so much for this post Se'lah! I love it. I'm glad I didn't read it before. You are one slick woman. Slipping that link in like that under the first pic :)I got a chuckle out of that.The girls liked the pictures too. Kiah liked the one with the girls hanging out, and Ava liked the one with the guitar.

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