Saturday Link Love

It’s the beginning of summer, and we have a lot going on in blogland already!
I know that you want to be in the know. Feel free to share these links on Facebook, Twitter, Your own blog, etc…

Se’Lah is hosting a great event on July 6th. It’s the Dalai Lama’s 75th birthday. Won’t you join us in doing a random act of kindness? If your on Twitter and want to tweet this the hashtag is #bridgeoflove.
What kind acts have you experienced in your life? Lets pay it forward, and build a bridge of love around the world.

Zoey at Good Goog is hosting Get Personal –  A Blog Carnival.
This carnival will talk about how you blog about your own personal experiences.
Why you started blogging about your life.
Mom Blogs
Dad Blogs
The list can go on and on. Stop by her place to check out the details.

Marilyn Olowe has put together UZOMA the 1st Annual Black Unschoolers Conference.
March 7th-9th 20ll
New and seasoned unschoolers are welcome. If your thinking about unschooling for your family come join us.
We’ll have talent shows, UNworkshops, movies, games, music, group discussions, and speakers.
Sounds like fun right?

I moved the Mahogany Way Ning site to a Facebook Group.
This group is for all parents of color. Not just black parents. You don’t have to be a woman.
If your a dad who parents naturally, come by.
You can post on the wall, start discussions, post videos, links, photos.

We will talk about Attachment Parenting, Unschooling/Homeschooling, Natural Birth, Motherhood/Fatherhood, Natural Family Living, and a host of other topics.
If  you live the natural lifestyle, or are interested in learning more about it, please join us to support one another and build a strong community for parents of color.


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