>Random Acts of Kindness

>Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
*Dalai Lama*

Today is the Dalia Lama’s 75th birthday. That’s a pretty amazing thing.  I’m joining so many others along with my friend Se’lah to celebrate by doing a random act of kindness.
It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a spiritual person, religious person, or not. Being kind is always in season.

My act of kindness was really random. I liked that. Not that there’s anything wrong with purposefully doing something to help someone.
Saturday Night I was browsing the pet section on Craigslist.
I kept coming across this same dog named Brody. Charles even commented that whenever he looked over I was looking at the same dog.
Brody needed a new home, and he was free! If someone didn’t pick him up by Monday he was going to the pound.

We both love animals, and if we had the money and could have pets here, oh and if Ava wasn’t terrified of dogs, we would’ve went and picked Brody up.
I felt so bad that this sweet loveable dog needed a home, and that no one had come to get him. The poster had posted over 5 times that day, and 3 times on another day.
Then I came across a post for a person looking for a forever dog. I emailed them Brody’s listing.

When I woke up Sunday I checked to see if Brody had found a home, and he had! The poster had said many thanks to all that helped Brody to find a home. The had taken Brody in for a few days because his current owners could no longer take care of him. I thought that was so sweet.
People say there is little kindness left in the world. I don’t agree.
I don’t know how many people saw those ads, or how many people made calls to their friends/family to help Brody find a home. But we all pitched in to help someone we didn’t even know.

How did you help build our bridge of love  today with your act of kindness?

If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.
*Dalai Lama*


4 thoughts on “>Random Acts of Kindness

  1. >That's such a heartwarming story. You saved that dogs life! He probably would not have lasted very long at the pound. 😦 Good for you!As for me, I haven't done anything nice for anyone today, lol (haven't left the house…still in my pj's), but something I love to do about once a month is donate knit hats and booties that I make to a charity called The Preemie Project. The donations go to a hospital in Iowa, where they're given to mothers/fathers of premature or critically ill babies. It makes me feel so…purposeful when I do that. I just hope the things I give provide SOME sort of solace to those struggling families, even though it isn't much. :)Have a great day!

  2. >Oh, how sweet… and so glad Brody found a home. I'm with you Darcel, there is a LOT of love and kindness going around. Some have become so cynical they can't see it happening around them. Happy Days :o)

  3. >It was so lovely to see so many acts of kindness – I did several today…it felt good. Tomorrow, I shall continue. Thanks for helping out. Every little act helps improve the life of another. one love.

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