Guest Post Friday: I LOVE Babywearing!

Chante is a Christian, work-at-home-schooling, mother of color to five children.
She’s been married to her best friend for 9 years and counting.
She started babywearing after her fourth child and has been on her natural motherhood journey for 8 years.
You can read more about Chante’s journey at
My Natural Motherhood Journey.

I just love babywearnig. It took me a while to get used to having my baby around me so much at first though. I love my babies, but I also loved my alone time. I at first didn’t think babywearing was something I wanted to do because it didn’t seem practical. Now that I’ve tried it I know it is VERY practical and wish I hadn’t wasted all those years with my other babies.

The main thing I love about babywearing is the closeness and bonding that happens. When my baby is right up on me and I see her little face looking up at me with wonder, it melts my heart! That smallish face just demands me to smother it in kisses! I start remembering her birth and thinking how wonderful motherhood is.

Aside from the kisses, the closeness helps me to interact with my child. I am reminded to talk to my baby. It may seem like a very basic and simple thing but it can be overlooked. When I put my baby down somewhere I find myself doing my own thing and not really paying attention to her as long as she’s quiet. When I wear her and see her looking at something, it makes me want to involve her in my activity. I explain to her what I’m doing or point out colors and shapes. I carry on a conversation with her, one-sided though it may be. I can choose to put my baby in an activity center or something, but what my baby needs most is not entertainment. It’s me.

Motherhood can make me feel irritated at times. Having someone that depends on me constantly and wants no one but me makes me want to just say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”, but it amazes me how babywearing turns all that negativity around. I’ve found that it changes my perspective and heart.. My desire to do things by myself, just isn’t as important anymore as doing things together with this new little one. Instead of wanting to be free from the demands, I find myself wanting to hold them closer and pour all I have into teaching them new things. When I talk to my baby I’m teaching them how to talk. I see my little one looking at me with such joy and anticipation as she tries to make sounds to answer my voice. It just touches my heart like nothing else. She gets happiness from me, which in turn makes me happy. All of a sudden I just want to forget everything around me and focus on her. It seems like magic, but it’s really not. I now know that babywearing is supported by scientific studies which say the skin-to-skin contact of a baby with its mother promotes the manufacturing and circulation of the mothering hormones needed to feel loving towards their baby.

I’m so glad babywearing is making such a comeback. I think it’s such a beautiful practice between a mother and her child.



4 thoughts on “Guest Post Friday: I LOVE Babywearing!

  1. Darcel: I enjoy your blog. I'm a first-time mama of a 12 week old, and have become obsessed with "babywearing." Why do you think more black American women don't wear their babies considering our ancestry? Oh, I'm a fellow Bajan (Bajan-Guyanese Yankee to be exact :))!

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