>Product Review Teaser

>I was contacted recently by CSN stores. They have over 200 online stores where you can find anything. Cookware, bedroom  furniture, doll houses, and even LED Lighting!

A couple of pics of items from CSN stores.

Sexy shoes
Silver shoes

Oriental Purse Lamp
Purse lamp

You can find something for everyone in your family.
 I have been given the opportunity to do a product review. Stay tuned to find out which product I choose.


9 thoughts on “>Product Review Teaser

  1. >Oh wow! Product reviews are fun. I wonder how they found you. That's exciting that you're getting contacted to do things for others. I'm glad they see you're making a difference and want to be a part of that. I wonder if you'll be doing a natural mother-related review…

  2. >Darcel, I LOVE these shoes! Although just thinking about wearing them and trying to walk around in them makes me wince at the thought. I think I could manage just standing in them and not moving though.

  3. >I think I know what I want. It's not the purse lamp or those shoes.Those shoes are so me though. The purse lamp is different, but something I would probably buy if I had cash to randomly spend.

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