>In Honor of World Breastfeeding Week

>The first breastfeeding pictures I’ve ever posted!
I was looking through my pictures and I don’t have any pictures of Nakiah, and only one of Ava.

I was also inspired by a post on Blacktating : Where are the images of black mothers? On the Nestle site

I’m determined to take more pictures this time around.

Moments after birth

4 weeks old

Milk Drunk

9 weeks old


7 thoughts on “>In Honor of World Breastfeeding Week

  1. >awww Darcel thank you darling ! those pics so take me back to my babies awww, bliss look at his little face awwwwBest contentment ever when feedings going well , my body amazed me 😉 it's the most rewarding of things. I so wanted to do the baby thing again but 6 miscarriages later I think i'm too old now :-/thank you sweetheart xx

  2. >That is one milk drunk baby, YAY! I'm off to read the blacktating blog, I often wondered about that, what the demographics are, and where/if/how much support there is among black families, friends, and why we don't see more (I've even seen letters to the editor of Mothering on why they don't feature more black moms on the cover!). "Each one teach one" goes the mantra! It's just lovely to see ANYONE nursing, as the more moms are openly nursing, the more normal it becomes. Blessings to you and your beautiful little darling.

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