Guest Post Friday: Young Mothers Take Charge

Hello, My Name is Victoria Thomas Founder and CEO of Young Mothers Take Charge Inc. I am very excited to be able to reach out to young mothers and help them on their journey of motherhood. I once was a young mom at the age of 19, and through it all, I made a life for myself and my daughter. I was a single mother for 8 years, and I’m now married and have three beautiful children. I received my Associates Degree at Cuyahoga Community College and my B.A. in Art at Kent State University. I am employed at Cuyahoga County Public Library as a Children’s Librarian PSA, which I’ve worked with children and families for the past 6 years

One day at the Warrensville Heights Library last spring, a young mom approached me, and she asked me to purchase some diapers for her baby. This young mom has been attending my Baby and Me Story Time for months. I was thinking to myself, it took a lot of courage for her to ask me to help her in that way. I guess you are wondering; did I buy those diapers for that young mom? If you guessed yes, you were right. I bought the diaper for her, but I also had to research on other resources that can give her additional support. A few days later, a light bulb struck me, and once being a young mother myself, I thought it would be a great idea to create a website for the young mothers, so it would be easier for me and the moms to find resources and support. A few weeks later, my passion started to blossom. I thought to myself, why stop at the website? So, I went a step further, and started a young moms group, right at the library. With great support and hard work, my vision had become reality. Our young mothers group has had 8 consecutive meetings, since October of 2009. We get an average of 15 moms who comes to the meetings on a regular basis. Now, we are officially incorporated and working on our 501 (3) tax exemption.

Young Mothers Take Charge is a non-profit intergenerational program that combines both young and experience mothers together; to provide support, encouragement and resources to at risk young mothers under the age of twenty-five in the Cuyahoga County. We empower young mothers so they can move forward to become productive citizens and parents in today’s society.

Since YMTC Inc. was founded at Warrensville Heights Library, I wanted to create a replicate model of the program, so that this program can be used at any library that has an interest in serving young mothers in their community. YM club member meets once a month for a two hour session to learn how to take full advantage of all the resources that the community offers and also gain knowledge of the basic fundamentals of life.

YMTC Inc. future plan is to continue to serve young mothers in a library setting, and eventually branch out to other library systems though out Cuyahoga County. YMTC Inc. also plans to create a non-judgmental environment for young families. This parenting resource center will be in operation with in the next two years. I also plan to go back to school to receive a Masters in Human Development and Family Studies in 2011. Pleas stay tuned for what in store for YMTC Inc. in the future. Helping Young Families move forward, one step at a time…

Testimony from one of YMTC Inc. Young Moms:

My name is Margaret Jones, and I am 21 years old. I remember when Ms. Victoria first invited me to attend a Young Mothers Take Charge meeting. I was at the Library trying to complete my homework and calm my two year old at the same time. I was really thrilled to be invited because I am always looking for an opportunity to better the lives of my son and myself. I am now a very enthusiastic member of Y.M.T.C. mainly because Ms. Victoria is so passionate about the success of all of the young moms in our group. She goes out of her way to teach me the importance of continuing my education and reading to my child. Y.M.T.C. has given me the chance to be mentored by our senior moms, attend workshops on personal finance and even a workshop on educational toys. Ms. Victoria even offers her own emotional support for any situation. Y.M.T.C. is a very beneficial group that is helping me to pursue my goal of becoming a Mathematics professor and bakery owner. I am constantly inviting new young and senior moms to join our family. I am very grateful and delighted to be a member of Young Mothers Take Charge.

Young Mothers Take Charge Inc.

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