Guest Post Friday: Where I am Today

First I would like to thank Darcel for asking me to do this guest post. I haven’t been blogging long, and I guess that’s why I feel so nervous, but I am honored to do.

Where I Am Today

Like a lot of people, I have had my fair share of disappointments and failures. I have chosen throughout my life to continue to start projects and finish them. It doesn’t matter how big or small, those accomplishments are the thrills that far outshines the failures.

This is a learning process and I continue to learn from my mistakes. Yes some habits are hard to break, like not being prepared when the pc goes south. This was the second time within a month I believe. I was determined to get this thing back up and running because I had a lot going on. But doing so came with a price.

You see, I am in the process of making changes in my life that I hope will change my future and that of my children and their children and so on.

I have had this idea for a number of years now and it has since it’s inception, been trimmed.
This post on my blog, Whatr U Workin On?, get’s into why I chose those words.

I’m the type of person that looks at an object and sees many uses for that one object. I’ve always like to build things, making something out of scraps. So now I’m into designing my own product line….no, not from scraps. I was in the middle of designs when somehow I had lost all of my previous designs I had ready. I was working on another blog I started, sudnalger. I lost those also. So I was doing new designs when I remembered something I put together on one of my sudnalger’s post.

That heart design in the lower right of that poster is what I now call,

I’m going to edit the first sentence in the second paragraph.
Here are a couple more.

The object in the picture have jagged edges but that’s because I have to change the format to publish or email them.
The finished product prints straight from the software and if you like these shots….

Wait till you see what this heart can do.

Even though the core design and it’s story is based on couples, there are selections that make the card ready to give anytime and by anyone.

My goal is to have my website running by the end of August. I will be uploading new pics along the way.

Whatr U Workin On website

Darcel, thanks again for asking me to do a guest post….I had fun doing it.




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