On My Own

We dropped Charles off at the airport this afternoon.
It was the first time Nakiah and Ava had been in a airport.
We were hoping to see some of the airplanes take off, but we didn’t have a gatepass. It was probably best. Ava was starting to meltdown by the time he got through security.

Here we are at day one. The drive home was nice. Ava and Samuel napped.
I talked with Nakiah about the ocean. I will never get tired of looking out at the ocean.
It’s so beautiful. I love looking out as far as I can see….knowing that it goes on for miles, and you could eventually arrive at another country. That’s amazing to me.

Nakiah asked me to turn on her video game after we ate.
They sat up there and played of and on for a while.
I was feeling in need of a nap. I’ve been baking alot lately.
The girls love to help me in the kitchen, so I invited them to help me make sugar cookies.
Or as Ava calls it mixing up ingredients.

They had fun with the left over flour.

Nakiah said it felt like sand. You should see the floor beneath them. The flour is still on the floor and counter as I sit here typing this. I’ll get to it shortly.

Right now they are outside playing in their sandbox. It as a beautiful day. In the upper 80’s, sunny with a nice breeze.
Perfect weather.

We saw a ant assembly line on our way out to the backyard. They were fascinated by how there were two lines of ants. One coming and one going. They decided to jump over them so they wouldn’t accidentally step on them.
I hope they aren’t coming in and out of my house…ugh!

I feel a little anxiety about Charles being gone for a few days. I know we will be ok, and I’m trying really hard not to even worry about bed time.
I’m going to play it by ear. We’ll probably end up on the couch or in bed together.
Samuel will nurse to sleep, Ava will drift, Nakiah, and finally Mama.

I have more to say, but Samuel is fussing at me right now.
I better go  and clean up the kitchen.
Maybe I should leave the flour so they can play in it more when they come back in? Then I can get to it later. I think I will…


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