>Botanical Gardens

>We survived our first night!
The girls kept asking where daddy was, and Nakiah was really concerned that he may not have a bed. I assured he he did have a bed.
I pulled up a map showing her where we live and where the airplane took daddy to.

Bedtime went nice and smooth even though they were up a little late.
We have two full beds pushed together, and Samuel was in bed with me, and Nakiah and Ava were in their bed.
Ava said she wanted to sleep with me so I moved over to give her room.
Then Nakiah said she wanted to sleep with me too. I moved Samuel closer to me and made room for her.
So here we all are snuggled very closely in this bed.

Samuel was already asleep. I moved Ava back to her bed after she dozed off.
Nakiah was still awake. I think I fell asleep before she did. I moved her to their bed when I woke up at 3am.

I looked at all of my sleeping babies for a few minutes then settled back into bed until Samuel woke me by grabbing at my face this morning.

They were so excited when I told them we were going to the gardens this morning.
I love the Botanical Gardens here.  All the flowers, butterflies and beautiful scenery.
We’ve been several times and I think we’ve only seen a quarter of the place.

We went with some friends and had a great time.

We hung out by the water for a bit. The kids explored, found seeds, threw rocks and dirt into the water.


I wore Samuel in Miami Hoppediz today.
This is Nakiah’s legacy wrap. Hopefully she will wrap her babies with it someday.
It’s so bright and cheery. I always feel happy when I wear it.

Samuel slept the majority of the time we were there.
He was awake the last hour though.

Next was the Enchanted Forest. It’s a nice village of classic fairytale houses.
We only saw Alice in Wonderland and The Three Little pigs today.


Since it was almost 90 degrees today they had the water on in the kids WOW(World of Wonder) garden.
They suited up and enjoyed the cold water.
Mama’s sat with the babies in the shade and giggled about how cute the kids were playing in the water.









I’m not sure what our plans are for tomorrow.
Maybe the library.


4 thoughts on “>Botanical Gardens

  1. >Dear Ms. Marcel,Mother Hen here.MH loved the photos of your beautiful children. They are just about as cute as Mother H's chicks, if that were possible. Okay, apparently it's possible.Adorable!Maternally yours,Mother Hen

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