>The Weekend Is Here

>We picked Charles up from the airport last night.
Left the house around 10:15pm, arrived at 11pm, but he didn’t come out until midnight.
Halfway there Nakiah said she was nervous. I asked her why  and her response was because I can’t wait to see daddy. I missed him. 

That was the first time I heard her use the word nervous.
I asked her if she was excited, but she corrected me. She was definitely nervous.

All of the kiddos slept most of the way there and all the way back home.
I thought Kiah would wake up when Charles brought her in, but both girls stayed asleep. Samuel woke up for a bit, but quickly nursed back to sleep.

 It’s nice to have the husband back home. Now he’s talking about doing seven days out of town in the next month. The jury is still out on that one…

This morning the girls were so excited to see the something nice daddy brought back for them.
New princess coloring and activity books! I loved to color when I was growing up,  still do.
I find it to be very relaxing.

After the grocery store there was some of this




And this…

Playing with our new playdoh cake makin’ station. They played with it for 2 hours straight. Took a short break and then went back to it for another hour.
Kiah thanked me for bringing it home from the store for them.



I made them strawberry and blueberry ice cream complete with the cones.


Samuel did more of this


Later in the day it was time to make sugar cookies again.
Before that, I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of Samuel.
He’s just too cute!


He sure has become more vocal lately. Babbling, making different pitches with his voice.
Grabbing everything he sees. I’ve had my glasses snatched off my face more than once.

Look at those bright eyes…

I’ve fallen in love with baking again. Helps cut down on the grocery bill to get the ingredients and bake everything at home anyway. Plus, the girls love to help.
I think we’ll make banana bread next *wink* then maybe some carrot cake.



Then I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, did the diaper laundry, and cleaned up downstairs, and in our bedroom.

Tomorrow we’re going to pick out Halloween costumes.

Mama is tired.

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