>Getting Started With Homeopathy

>Well good people, my three babies are sick again.
This is the worst yet. Chest congestion, fevers, a nasty sounding cough.

When I’m holding Samuel I can feel it rattling in his chest and back.
Kiah had a fever of 103 last night, and Ava and Samuel both have low grade fevers off and on.
I’m so tired! Not getting much sleep these past few days.

I’m getting into more homeopathic remedies now.
I was wondering if you all would share how you got started?
Books, blogs, other resources?
I would love to start my own table top herb garden.
I have myself and the kids on vitamins, and we’re eating healthier.

One thing I’m looking for are natural remedies for asthma. I’ve read that carrots are great for people with asthma. Also the common cold, stuff like that.

I spoke with a Natural Dr this morning, and she suggested Elderberry and alternating hot/cold compress.

I came across this link yesterday about homeopathic solutions for your family.

Anything else you can think of, please let me know.


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