>Trick or Treat & It’s November Already

>I was never allowed to dress up for Halloween, or go trick-or-treating when I was growing up.
Something about it being against our religion.
This is the third you we have went. Kiah was sick on her first and second Halloween.

Charles had to work, but my dad(peepaw) went with us.
I was surprised the girls didn’t ask to wear their costumes as soon as they woke up yesterday morning.

It seemed like a very long wait until it was time to go out.
Finally Supergirl and Batgirl emerged ready to go out and get all kinds of candy.



They picked their costumes all by themselves. They are really into superheros right now.
Both outfits came with pink boots to pull over your shoes, but they opted to go with out them.

Samuel didn’t have a costume, but he was wearing some orange clothing.

It was a crisp fall night, much warmer last year. This year we only stayed out an hour.

Can you believe November is here already? Where has the time gone!

This morning we went to play with some friends at the park.
Costumes were worn again today.

It was quite chilly with the wind blowing today. It was nice to have a blanket to snuggle up in.




Back to the library tomorrow. Seems like it hasn’t been three weeks already.

Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!


Love Notes

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