>A Slow Day

> Today felt slow.


I managed to get two loads of laundry done. 
We’re in the process of de-cluttering the house.
Hoping to have it done by the end of the month.
Kiah’s birthday is next month and we’re having her party at the house.
Great incentive for de-cluttering.

The girls closet and drawers are all set for winter. They were so happy to find new clothes for the new season.

We made a list of toys, board games, and other activities to add to the house.
Remember Operation, Guess Who, Chutes & Ladders? Those are on our list, as well as musical instruments, more art supplies, playsilks, a micrscope, and a ton of other things.



I was also able to make a grocery list. That’s huge for me. I haven’t made it to weekly menu plans yet.

I also practiced my Back Wrap Cross Carry. I forgot how rock solid Eva Didy is.
So excited to search for and buy another wrap. I love my wraps.
I’m thinking I should wear him on my back more often. My front feels so free, and I can get a lot more done around the house.
I love wearing him on my front though because I can see his face, kiss him and smell his hair.


Dinner was cooked at a reasonable hour today. Kiah loves dinner. She says it’s her favorite.



I can’t get enough of our little prince.


Slow days are good sometimes….


4 thoughts on “>A Slow Day

  1. >I really do not know how moms get through the first 2 yrs without slings of some kind…especially with more than one child. If I didn't have a wrap, I would never get through making dinner most nights, especially when bub is teething or intent on pulling every single pot out of the cabinet.

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