>Sunday Randomness

>We set the clocks back an hour last night, or would that be this morning?
I don’t care much for this whole day light savings time thing. Fall back and Spring forward.
I don’t really feel like I got an extra hour of sleep. Oh well…

I have decided to blog every single day this month. I’m doing pretty good so far. I have so many ideas rattling around in my head, and I really should blog about them.
Sometimes I wonder and worry about what other people might think. I don’t want to offend anyone. Other times I think this is MY blog and I’ll say whatever I want!
I do have several topics I need to get off my chest. Hopefully I’ll get the chance this month.

We’re already headed into the 2nd week of November. I’m trying really hard to not stress about the Holiday’s. I want to be in the moment and enjoy right now because I’ll never get it back.

Like the way Samuel giggles when I whisper love love love in his ear. The way his hair smells, Ava’s little voice when she says I love you mommy! How Kiah is so excited she’s becoming a big big girl.
All of my babies are growing up so so fast. I’m so thankful that my husband works hard so that I can stay home with them. I don’t tell him that enough.

There is no place I would rather be. I LOVE being a wife and mother. This is my career right now, and I’m paid in love, hugs and kisses, smiles, laughter. I get to wake up to my four favorite people every day. I’m really loving my life right now.

I know this post is all over the place…..my mind is all over the place. I suppose I’ll have a glass of wine with dinner tonight. Maybe that will help me to relax.

The girls are really enjoying their new flash cards, stamps and beads. They wanted to play the ‘match the alphabet game’ again this morning, so they did. Then it was on to stamps, coloring, playing dress up with their paper dolls.

We were watching The Muppets Take Manhattan and they asked to watch The Muppet Babies on the computer. Youtube has entire episodes.
Charles and I were talking about some of the old shows we loved watching when we were kids.
Blondie and Dagwood, Garfield, Might Mouse, Dennis the Menace, Charlie Brown, Inspector Gadget.
There are more but I can’t think of them right now.

It’s been a really great day. I need to finish dinner now so I must go.
Hope everyone had a great Sunday.


6 thoughts on “>Sunday Randomness

  1. >The kids watched "Muppets" last night! I'm thankful for the extra hour as it makes me feel like I can actually accomplish something in the morning before the kids get up, hehe.

  2. >The kids watched "Muppets" last night! I'm thankful for the extra hour as it makes me feel like I can actually accomplish something in the morning before the kids get up, hehe.

  3. >We love Inspector Gadget around here. Netflix has the entire first season. We haven't seen the Muppets Take Manhatten yet, so we'll have to give it a try. Our favorite Muppet movie is the Christmas Carol one.

  4. >Daylight savings messes with our minds. It usually takes about a month for my family to get back on track. You seem to be in a really good mood. I'm impressed with your blogging everyday. I'm doing good if I can write once a week lately. If you have something to say say it. If people don't like what you say they don't have to read it. Here are a couple cartoons to add to your list: All the Looney Tunes, Betty Boop, Great space coaster remember with Gary Gnu? Hope you have a great week!

  5. >I loved The Muppets Take Manhattan when I was a kid.I love that YOU love being a SAHM so much!!! That is wonderful, because it truly is the most difficult (but rewarding!) job in the world. What an awesome goal, to blog every single day this month. I couldn't even imagine doing that, although I wish I could. I'm lucky if I can get in one blog post once per week. But then again, I'm balancing this one with my reviews blog, so I guess if I'm counting that then I do blog nearly every day.Yeah, once you have kids, Day Light Savings Time is a big joke.

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