Operation Clean House

That is what we did today. Correction, what I did today.
Last week Kiah said she wanted to move to a new house because this one was dirty.
Now we aren’t hoarders or anything like that…..but when you don’t have carpet the dust accumulates fast. As I said in a previous post we’re de-cluttering.

We mostly hang out downstairs so the upstairs can get neglected sometimes.
You know, Charles did a big clean up downstairs for me on Monday while I was at a park playdate with the kids.
Today I can focus on upstairs. Laundry and dusting mainly. I really need to tackle the girls room. They would probably play in there more if I kept it looking decent.

Dinner is in the crockpot. We’re having chicken chili. Never cooked it before so I hope it turns out well.

Besides cleaning the house there has been drawing, puzzles, video games, blocks, music and flashcards.

And of course there was some of this….

Isn’t he getting big?!
I’ve started wearing him on my back more frequently. It’s easier to do things with him on my back. I have my front space back.

I knew it could possibly be an all day event with cleaning. Stopping to check on the kids, cook breakfast, cleaning, play with me mommy! More cleaning, nursing Samuel, back to cleaning, fixing lunch, cleaning, are you girls ok? Need anything? Juice or are you hungry? Back to cleaning.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll relax a little?


3 thoughts on “Operation Clean House

  1. Since Jakub was here I was dusting and polishing every day – I think it was so I didn't get overwhelmed and could feel like things were not out-of-control! :)Now it's quieter and I have a clean house!!woohoo!

  2. Seems like we are on the same page. My husband is off tomorrow and I plan to spend the day de-cluttering. I think when you actually "live" in your house, 24X7, with small children, it is hard to stay on top of things.Clothes seem to be a problem for us. Way too many!! I will be minimizing!

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